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Behind the Scenes with Alex

October 1, 2013
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Alex from Belton, Missouri is our October 2013 cover model. She took first place at our Cover Model Search on Saturday, July 27, 2013 at The Bar in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.

Alex does house cleaning, and her ambition is to be successful and to be the best mother possible. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. When asked about turn-ons, Alex said “Tattoos!” On the flip-side, she told us that people with a lack of motivation turns her off. Alex also admits that she’s a sucker for men with a lot of tattoos!

When asked what the smartest thing is she’s ever done, Alex said “Becoming a mother!” When asked what the most stupid thing is she’s ever done, she said “I got my long-ass hair caught in my car door when I had a birthday cake in my hands!” LOL. Alex describes her personality as “Optimistic and bubbly!” We also asked her what people would say is her best attribute, and she said” My loyalty and my ass!” LOL.

Just for fun, we asked Alex to share some of her favorite things with our readers:

Favorite color: Pink.

Favorite food: Chinese.

Favorite drink (non-alcoholic): Coke.

Favorite drink (alcoholic): Margaritas.

Favorite Restaurant: Anywhere that serves margaritas.

Favorite actor: Tom Cruise.

Favorite actress: Jennifer Aniston.

Favorite TV show: Family guy.

Favorite band/artist: Haystack.

Favorite song: All By Myself.

Do you have pets? Yes.

Do you ride? Yes.

Do you own your own bike? No.

How long have you been riding on motorcycles? My whole life.

Do you prefer riding in a group or with just one bike? Groups!

Who are some of your closest riding buddies? Jessie & Ronnie.

What is your dream bike? A Harley-Davidson Softail Slim

What is your most memorable riding experience? Riding through Omaha, Nebraska with an old friend.

What is your least favorite riding experience? None. I’ve loved them all.

What motorcycle rallies & events have you attended? The Rattlesnake Run for Autism.

Do you have a favorite bike night hangout? No, I don’t really have one.

Tell us about your tattoos. I have 60 star tattoos starting on my neck and ending halfway down my hip. I also have the word “Beautiful” on my left hip and the word “Princess” on my lips.”

Do you have a favorite tattoo artist? Yes. Chris Keegan is extremely talented.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers? Yes. I’m a KC Knockout!

Thanks for the interview Alex, and thank you for doing such a great job on our October 2013 cover!

Photos by Bruce Stimpson with Stimpson Photography.

Video by Randall “Sea Hawk” Hauk with Sea Hawk Media Productions.

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