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Ride the Temperature

Written by  October 31, 2003

A couple of weeks ago, while sitting in the McDonalds parking lot in Warsaw, Missouri waiting for everyone to show up for the 3rd Annual Run with the Leaves ride, fellow Southern Cruisers member, Dan Lutter, told me he had proven a theory of his that if you “ride the temperature” you can stay cool, even on the hottest summer day.

After raising a suspicious eyebrow and hiking up my pant legs just a bit in anticipation of some serious BS, I asked Dan to please elaborate.

According to Dan's theory, if you ride the same speed as the temperature, you can beat the heat. The increase in airflow over the windshield and fairing, if fast enough, would actually cool the rider. Well, one day this past summer, Dan had the chance to prove his theory.

As Dan headed south on Holmes Road, out of the city, the temperature displayed 106 degrees. While riding in traffic at the speed limit, the temperature was very hot. When he passed the last car, he had an open, flat stretch of road (the scientific proving ground).

Dan cranked the throttle of his Goldwing, and as he approached 100mph, the airflow began rapidly increasing, then when he hit 106 mph, his theory was proven! To further test his theory, he continued on to 110 mph, and a volume of super cool air surrounded him as the temperature dropped. When Dan approached 115 mph, he no longer noticed the temperature. Then, as he began to slow down, just below 100 mph, the heat reappeared, once again proving his theory.

So, to make a long story short, Dan says, “Ride the temperature and you will always remain cool and comfortable.” I’m no physics professor; however, the next time the temperature reaches 100+ degrees, I may just be tempted to give Dan’s theory a try!

So…is Dan a scientific genius or just full of BS? Let us hear what you think!

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-Mike Schweder, Editor-in-Chief