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Far From Frigid - Frigid Bitch Ride

Written by  March 31, 2004

What a round-up it was for the Women in the Wind - Khrome Cowgirls of Kansas City first group ride of 2004. Most bike groups have a Polar Bear ride in the winter, usually on New Year’s Day. Not wanting to be like everyone else, the Women in the Wind decided to do a Frigid Bitch Ride on January 4. Due to severe ice on that day, it was cancelled and rescheduled for Sunday, February 22. Our infamous weather forecasters called for intermittent showers, cool and cloudy. I leathered up, threw in my rain gear and headed to Drafter’s to meet the girls.

There were approximately twenty bikes already parked on the sidewalk and more showed up later. Several Cowgirls were inside mingling and others including President, Lisa Brenek were outside greeting everyone. They are certainly a friendly bunch. After a while, we gathered outside to pose for an official Chapter photo. We were then corralled inside for a short, “Here are the rules” meeting before the ride began. Lisa went over the etiquette of group riding, safety, and some additional questions and answers. No one knew where the ride was ending, we only knew it offered a bar with blues and that turned out to be a welcome site.

Since the weather was unpredictable and there were several novice riders in the group, it was to be a short ride. We stepped outside to saddle up and lo and behold, the sun was shining so bright off all the chrome it almost blinded us! The temperature was now heading into the 60’s and it was a perfect riding day.

Somewhere close to Sugar Creek, one rider encountered problems with her clutch and detained us for over an hour. Out of nowhere, a silver-haired masked mechanic arrived on the scene for a quick fix. Back on the road again, we headed for the final destination. Remembering the 'No Men Allowed on rides’ rule of the group, I rode ahead with Hershel, who was the boyfriend of Annie, the Chapter secretary. Because he had just moved to Kansas City, the route map with street names were foreign to him. I told him to follow me and we would meet up with everyone along the way to take pictures and then be there at the end to greet them. We stopped on Cliff Drive for the view and more photos. Lisa entertained the group with a couple of burn-outs, while loud cheers and claps echoed off the cliff side.

As we roared into the parking lot of the AmeriStar casino and parked, helmets came off and the smiles on all their faces said it all. They were jubilant and excited. Lisa made a point of congratulating everyone. It’s obvious she cares for each one of her members; the support and encouraging comments were flowing from her lips as she spoke.

I asked Lisa, 'How do you think the day turned out?” She replied, “Fantastic, we went on a short ride, took it slow and everyone did a great job riding. I’m so proud of everyone. We had a breakdown that delayed us, had to stop for gas for someone who didn’t have a full tank at the beginning, but overall it was fantastic.”

Once inside Depot #9, the Khrome Cowgirls relaxed with a few brews and listened to the tunes of The Benders. After a couple hours, one by one we saddled up and rode off into the sunset…and what a beautiful sunset it was! As I rode home later, the night air was so warm you just wanted to keep riding…a perfect ending for a perfect day!

For any riding divas interested in checking out this organization, e-mail Lisa Brenek or Lindsay Popper at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and they will be happy to give you all the details.

Story & photos by Goldie Arnold