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2018’s Innovation: Bell Star MIPS Helmet Review Written By: Ashton Blagden

Written by  June 19, 2018


Motorcycling is definitely an adrenaline rushing experience for every rider. Being a rider by myself, the scenario is exactly the same for me. Just like my motorbike, I have been always fond of the latest gears in the market even. Recently, I came across the new concept of MIPS which is taking the world of Motorcycle accessories   by storm.


While I was exploring this technology on the internet, I came across this exclusive Bell Star MIPS Helmet which was showcased effectively with its significant features. After I had the first glance at it, I thought of giving it a try. So, I bought one from Sports Bike Shop just a couple of months ago.

Now, coming to how it is, Bell Start MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) helmet is definitely one of its kinds. I found the slip-plane technology along with the industry-standard foam EPS liner seem to be perfect for providing protection to the riders like me. To be precise, EPS liner is concerned about the prominent impact forces.

Whereas, MIPS system is there to take care of the dangerous risks of brain injuries. Also, such a technology present in the helmet is the reason behind reducing the rotational forces, in case of any crash. Thanks to all these features, I am able to ride my motorbike without any stress now.

Also, when it comes to the shell of the helmet, I am just loving its hard-core structure. The composite of Tri-Matrix which includes fibreglass, carbon fibre and Aramid makes it strong and durable. Next, the list of various desirable features of the helmet doesn’t end here.

With different other appealing attributes like washable liners, a room for the eyeglass arms, replacement of shield without tools etc., Bell Start MIPS helmet is one of my utmost favourites.

If you love to ride on a high-speed, this helmet is definitely a desirable one for you. I can vow for the fact because I am personally a high-speed rider. Hence, I experienced that the magnet which is present in the strap secure it so tightly that the helmet doesn’t flop around even during high speed.

Next, if you consider the vision in this helmet, it is simply awesome! It provides a very wide and amazing field of view. The one I am having is with a dark race visor. It is having an anti-fog coating in it and I am extremely surprised with its efficacy. Unless I start breathing quite heavily, there remains no mist in it! So, I am always getting a crystal clear vision.

Well, speaking about the size, it’s just more than perfect! I am having a head with a measurement of 57 cm. It falls under the ‘large’ category of the size chart of this helmet. So, I bought a large version of Bell Star MIPS helmet. Believe me, it is always a comfortable experience whenever I wear it. I get not even a single pressure spot anywhere around my head.

However, there is something that I didn’t like about this helmet. A significant feature which disappointed me is that I can’t find any possibility to open the visor even slightly to get some air while riding. Yes! It opens but there will be a point when it could suddenly close down or get blown open.

Although, I have not felt uncomfortable yet while wearing this as there are seven vents altogether in the helmet which constantly make it airy. Still, as I prefer more fresh air while driving, I would like to have the airflow to be more prominent in this helmet.


Overall, it will be a rating of 4.5/5 from me for the Bell Star MIPS Helmet. It is pretty good and technologically sound when compared to other helmets in the market.

If you’ve not bought one yet, make a move soon! It will be definitely a worth-buy. The Bell Star MIPS helmet has the capability to altogether make the idea of riding extremely amazing for you.

Have a remarkable riding experience always!