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Russo's Pizza & Pub - A Great Night for Bikes, Blues, and Bazookas!

Written by  September 16, 2003

Since Wednesday, September 17 was a gorgeous evening for a ride, I packed my camera and notepad in my roll bag, fired up the Fat Boy and headed to Russo’s Pizza & Pub in Lee’s Summit, Missouri for bike night. I’d been to Russo’s before, however tonight they were having a wet T-shirt contest, which gave me a little added incentive to check things out.

I rolled into the parking lot around 6:30 p.m. and there were already 25-30 bikes lined up. Most of the people were hanging out around the deck, and the Elsea Smith Blues Band was getting ready to play. As I approached the deck, I noticed two attractive women standing behind a table selling beer and encouraging ladies to sign up for the wet T-shirt contest. I also noticed a leather vest, pants, chaps, and jacket displayed on the deck behind them, and it was evident these were the prizes for the wet T-shirt contest. Nice prizes!

I decided to grab a cold one, and was coerced into donating $2 for a chance to pour water over the contestants' T-shirts. The girls behind the table turned out to be Niki Kasik and her friend, Emily Evert. Niki’s husband, Nick Kasik, is a custom bike builder and owner of Temptress Choppers in Lee’s Summit.

I caught up with Nick standing next to a beautiful bike he’d recently built. Nick is a talented custom bike builder, which is apparent from his recent creation. Nick brought my attention to some unique features on his bike, and pointed out a few other bikes in the parking lot that contained various custom parts and accessories from his shop. I also discovered that Nick had donated the leather goods for tonight’s wet T-shirt contest. Way to go, Nick!

The band started cranking out the blues, and before long, the parking lot was filled to capacity. I noticed that a crowd had started gathering around the sign-up table as a group of spirited ladies were signing up for the contest. After filling out their forms, several of the contestants decided to give the crowd a “sneak peak” of things to come. After several exhilarating photo opportunities, it was time to start the contest. The contestants were ushered onto the deck and the drawing was held to determine the lucky biker who would get to water down the ladies.

As each girl was wet down with an ice cold pitcher of water, it didn’t take long to see it was going to take “skin to win” this contest. Between the cold water and the temperature starting to drop, everyone in the crowd got their eyes full and their money’s worth as the girls began working the crowd. Tina seemed to have a knack for getting attention and quickly worked everyone into a frenzy.

The judges worked feverishly to determine the first, second, and third place winners, as each girl put on their own show. This had to be a difficult task with so many “able-bodied” contestants! After much deliberation, the judges made their decision, and third place was awarded to Kathy, who won leather chaps and $20 cash. The second place prize was a leather jacket and $30 cash, which went to Tina, who by this time had taken the “skin to win” expression to a whole new level!

And finally…“drum roll please”…first place was awarded to Gina, who put on an impressive show and was the crowd favorite, for obvious reasons! Nick Kasik presented Gina with the first place prize of a leather vest, leather pants, and $50 cash, and posed with Gina for a victory photo. Great job girls!

A special thanks to Frank and Barbara Russo for hosting one of Kansas City’s best bike nights, and to Nick and Niki Kasik of Temptress Choppers for sponsoring the wet T-shirt contest and donating so many great prizes. Also thanks goes out to Randy, Rick, David, Wes, Neal, and Larry of the Elsea Smith Blues Band for providing a jam-packed evening of great blues!

I can’t wait until Russo’s next bike night to see how Frank and Barbara top this act!

Story and Photos By Mike Schweder

Mike Schweder

Editor-in-Chief - Kansas City, MO

Mike is the original founder of Cycle Connections Online Motorcycle Magazine and an avid motorcycle enthusiast. He has been riding for over 40 years, belongs to several local and national motorcycle organizations and travels to numerous rallies and events throughout the US each year. Mike has been a writer and editor for many years and has a passion for sharing his motorcycling experiences and stories with you. Contact Mike at mikes@cycleconnections.com