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Kelly's Krash Krew Ride - The Bar-Lee's Summit, Missouri

Written by  April 27, 2016

On March 6th 2016, Kelly Springer and I were enjoying a warm yet windy spring day on our bikes.  Along Kurzweil Road in Raymore, a combination of strong, gusty wind and a washboard section of the road resulted in Kelly "high siding" her bike and her body falling to the pavement in front of me.  In an effort to prevent running over my close friend, I laid my bike down as well.  Kelly's bike came to rest on the roadway while mine ended up submerged in a creek.  In an ironic twist, my bike sustained damage which totaled the bike while it was Kelly's body that sustained the more extensive damage.   Kelly was taken by ambulance to Research Medical Center where she spent the next week having her right shoulder reconstructed.  While she was in the hospital, her broken fingers, road rash and severe hematomas were also treated.  Unfortunately, Kelly was between jobs at the time and without insurance.  The medical bills have begun to mount and are currently over $185,000 and counting.

Shortly after Kelly was released from the hospital, a group of friends were at her home visiting and helping out when they decided there was more that could be done to help.  As in any good biking community we did what we always do…had a ride to raise money.  On April 24, 2016 the Kelly’s Krash Krew Ride took participants through the communities of Pleasant Hill, Blue Springs, Grain Valley, Independence and Lee’s Summit.  There were four key individuals who coordinated the ride: Mel Foster, Jeff Franzeskos, Dan Davis, and me.  This group organized the ride, escorts, raffle items, live entertainment and live auction. The Lee’s Summit Police Department, Shepherds, and Midwest Rolling Thunder provided escort service.

The day was exciting as Kelly was able to participate, chauffeured by Dale Gribble in his Slingshot. Kickstands were up at noon. The poker run had stops at Rooster’s, Russo’s Pizza, Valley Pub, Erin’s Bar, and The Bar. Jeff Gamble was the $150 winner drawing the best poker hand and quickly donated back his winnings to Kelly for her needs.  There was also a 50/50 drawing that raised $620, and the winner, Aaron Henderson, donated back an additional $100 for Kelly’s recovery. Kent & Regina Hancock with Doug Earnshaw and Cheryl Sperry created a mannequin arm and sign for people to sign for a fee resulting in additional donations of over $300. Helpers Faith Griffith (age 9) and Willow McMickell (age 11) sold miscellaneous swag and collected another $65. 

As the live auction commenced, a very generous couple, John Angerman and Laurie donated two sets of Royals tickets for seats right behind home plate. They simply added them to live auction as it was happening. In addition, Brent and Anita Hendricks with the help of Hill Pro-Motion Physical Therapy donated 30 physical therapy sessions with a value of $6,000 for Kelly’s rehabilitation. Live entertainment was provided by Scotty and the Soultones who kept the crowd jamming as they enjoyed the delicious Taco Bar provided Sarano’s and The Bar on the patio.

Kelly has touched so many in the community and has always been an active supporter, coordinator, and volunteer of many rides that originate from The Bar in Lee’s Summit. It didn’t take long for the word to spread that she was also one of the main organizers of the Fallen Heroes Ride that was held in October for firefighters John Mesh and Larry Leggio who lost their lives in the line of duty.

Overall the event was a great success. The weather was a beautiful 82 degrees. There were 125 bikes and 171 riders who, with all their efforts, were able to contribute $15,355 total to assist Kelly with her monthly expenses and physical therapy to get her back up and working.  Thanks go out to all of the volunteers, sponsors, and contributors.


NOTE:  Photos by Stripe with a few exceptions as indicated.