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Alabama Wedding for One of Cycle Connections' Own!

Written by  June 28, 2016

We’ve brought you several weddings in the past, to share with those who may have missed it; none were quite as close to our hearts as this one, as it was ours!

On February 25, 1991, Leigh and I went on our first date together, and it seemed only fitting that since this year would mark 25 years we have been together, that we should go ahead and take the next step. We’ve only grown closer, and neither of us felt as though we would be going anywhere anytime in the near future…so we took it!

They say it takes a village to raise a child, which also applies to planning a wedding! Fortunately for us, we had that in friends and loved ones, and that’s what helped to make this day even more special for us.

In November, I got this bright idea to go to one of the local bridal shop’s $99 dress sale. Big mistake, however, we left with a dress that went to the seamstress to be hemmed, modified, and things added that turned it into a very beautiful dress, if I do say so myself. And after pricing veils, I decided to make my own, a little tiara with dress length tulle trimmed in rhinestones with a few scattered and a design of them at the end.

The wedding activities actually started in earnest the weekend prior, when Hippie stopped by to pick up a cooler full of pork and beef to grill, which he got up at 4:00 a.m. that Saturday morning to do. By 2:00 p.m. that afternoon he was back at our friends, Dan & Jean’s house for us to pull apart and bag meat before all of us rode over to another friends, “Fritz” & Tracy’s wedding at their place by the water, which was so very beautiful the way it was all decorated and the river right beside everything, so peaceful. And then they brought him down with 2 shotguns on him, too funny, and she was so pretty in her long white dress and her girls in lavender, so was the beautiful tiered cake. We had a great time!

On Friday, I got up and made a pineapple upside down cake as Leigh’s groom’s cake (his favorite) and four buffet pans of coleslaw. Later that afternoon our friends Byron and Jean came by to drop off two large buckets of flowers, which they so generously gave to us as a wedding present and to loan us a table and chairs along with their services to help decorate the reception area, which was at the Central Club in Leeds, where manager and friend Van had so generously offered us the outdoor patio area to which he added a new roof, a bar, seating area with new bar stools and several tables with chairs.

Leigh’s dad Charles and his wife Diane had come over from Georgia for the weekend, so we met them for dinner.

Back at home that night we were up until 3:00 a.m. putting together four boutonnières, six corsages, and two bouquets.

Saturday, May 14, 2016 was “wedding day,” that started with meeting Jennifer at Ricky J’s to pick up two large sheet cakes and a red velvet cake; some of the best cakes! Then it was off to finish decorating the Central Club where we found Byron & Jean hard at work. She also put together four beautiful flower arrangements from our left over flowers. Leigh’s dad and wife showed up, and between all of us busting our butts, we managed to get it looking quite beautiful, if I do say so myself!

I got dressed at Dan and Jeans house, where all the girls got together. It was so cool! My sister Marcy showed up to help, and to drive me to the ceremony location where Leigh and his best man Dan were getting everything ready on that end.

We chose the Clay Public Library because it has a really nice pavilion and little garden area. We met the ladies of the library the day before. They were extremely nice, and we wish we had gone in to meet them sooner. They stayed open later that day and had refreshments inside for folks. Mrs. Pam turned out to be the wife of Vince, one of our favorite escort cops, and she actually came to the ceremony. That was so sweet!

Randy, with the Bikers for Christ (formally with the CMA and for years would set up at any of the events we were doing) who we had lost touch with also came, which was just so very touching to us.

Leigh had lined the bikes up to form an aisle for me to walk down, and we had set up a memory table for both of our mothers who have passed, along with a picture of my sister who passed away in January. In the little garden we had a large picture of Leigh and I for everyone to sign instead of a guest book.

Ms. Savannah was our beautiful flower girl who carried the roses to place at our memory table, Robin was my maid of honor, and Leigh’s dad walked me down the aisle.

I had a special treat as our friend Kenny sang “Angel Eyes” to me as I walked down the aisle, making me cry. I wasn’t the only one! It was beautiful!

Jennifer, who is mama Jean and Dan’s daughter, and friend Christy were our photographers and started shooting at the house where we got ready and then through the ceremony and reception. We got some really great pictures, making it hard to narrow them down for an album. Our friends Jim, Fay, and Allen came up from south Alabama and took video for us.

My brother-in-law Larry officiated the ceremony. My sister Jolee, who passed away, has two kids, Justin & Rachel, who we had bring the rings up, and Rachel read the “How do I Love Thee” poem. So pretty!

Afterward, Leigh led us all over to the reception at the Central Club, where mama Jean, Becky and Sheri were hard at work pulling everything together on the food. Becky had made potato salad and bake beans to go with everything else.

Leigh’s bud Dewayne set up the fryer to cook the 70 pounds of chicken we had. We had so much food, and since some people didn’t show up (some that had even said days before that they would), we had a good bit left over, so we called in the Leed’s police department, who gladly came and retrieved most of it.

Van even broke out the Champaign for us to toast with; it was so sweet of him!

Inside, after 8:00 p.m. the band “Sweater Monkeys” was set to play for the bar, and come to find out, a couple of them used to play in one of our bike night favorite bands, so Tony and Wayne invited us in to play “Fooled Around & Fell in Love” for us to dance our first dance to. That was so nice!

It was truly a magical night, pulled together and made possible in LARGE part to our beautiful friends and loving family.

Like the sign said “Today I marry my best friend and blessed to have wonderful friends and loving family here to celebrate with us, Thank you for coming!”

Thank you just doesn’t seem adequate to me for all of the love and support we received throughout this whole process. Much love to you all!

On a footnote, we met up with Leigh’s dad the next day to celebrate his 82nd birthday! Woop-Woop!