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13th Annual Christian Biker Workshop - Kansas City, Missouri

Written by  January 28, 2017

On Saturday, January 7, bikers gathered in the Langmade Room at Calvary University for the 13th Annual Christian Biker Workshop sponsored by Cycle Disciples M/C. Coffee and donuts were provided by the host club. There were 39 in attendance including members of several groups like Christian Motorcyclists Association and Heart of God Fellowship.

Following the opening prayer, Teddy Bitner, a.k.a. Colonel, began the program with a welcome and announcements. There was some uncertainty as to how many years the workshop has been going on. I was subsequently able to confirm from past articles that this was the 13th annual event.

The first speaker was Phillip Holloway of the law firm Dougherty & Holloway. His presentation topic was Visibility While Riding. He talked about various factors involved in “conspicuity” or being easier to see on a motorcycle. Perception can be influenced by familiarity. Sometimes we see what we expect to see or what we are accustomed to seeing. We can miss seeing something that is clearly in our field of view. Drivers sometimes fail to place a motorcycle in position or speed, so even if you are seen, you may find a vehicle pulling into your path. The surroundings often affect the how motorcycles are perceived by drivers. It is important to provide maximum contrast. Lighting (bright daylight, dawn or dusk, darkness) has a bearing on which colors provide better visibility. Horizontal patterns are more noticeable than vertical. Glare can be a problem. We need to be especially aware of distracted drivers. Mr. Holloway presented a great deal of valuable information and welcomed input from his audience as well.

Next to address the group was Dr. Skip Hessel of Calvary University who spoke on Ministering to People with Dependencies. Nearly everyone knows someone who suffers from alcoholism or has a dependency on drugs, either legal or illegal. Dr. Hessel shared valuable tips from his experience in dealing with people who have these dependencies. He brought copies of Don Umphrey’s book “12 Steps to a Close Walk with God (The Biblical Basis for Overcoming Addictions)" that he made available to workshop attendees for free.

Colonel’s presentation about Changes in Missouri Self Defense Laws followed. He provided a great deal of useful information concerning Missouri’s changes in concealed carry and the restrictions that remain.

Following a break and the shooting of the annual group photo, the attendees assembled a 2017 calendar of events in the Kansas City area. Next was Bill McCormack’s annual talk about one-on-one ministry. Bill has vast experience in the biker culture and in ministering to those in need. He is a great inspiration to all.

Each year the Cycle Disciples Board of Directors presents the Kickstand Award to an individual or group in recognition of significant contributions to the Kansas City area motorcycling community. Previous recipients of this honor include Ralph Wayne Blackmore; Guy Girratano; Kim Suter; Bill McCormack; Ray Worth; Richard and Connie Kephart; the Patriot Guard Riders; 101 the Fox radio personality Slacker; Reverend Bob Kaps who is pastor of the Heart of God Fellowship, the Kansas City Chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse; and Ken and Rebecca Ramey. This year, the Cycle Disciples chose me to receive the award. I can’t find the words to express my appreciation for even being considered for this recognition. I have enormous respect for the past recipients and am greatly honored to have my name listed along with theirs. Thank you, Cycle Disciples!

We appreciate all who took part in the program and thank the Cycle Disciples for hosting the event. Every year, the Christian Biker Workshop is an inspirational and informative event.


Photojournalist/Account Representative - Kansas City, MO

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