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8th Annual Santa Fe Trail Mid-Winter Bike Show - Lawrence, Kansas

Written by  March 25, 2017

Bright and early on Super Bowl Sunday, February 5, I was on the road to Lawrence, Kansas, with my buddies B.C. and Cycle Connections editor Mike. We were excited to attend the annual mid-winter bike show sponsored by the Santa Fe Trail Chapter of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America. The theme for the 8th annual show was “Flatheads Rule.”

Flathead (sidevalve) engines were once commonly used on motorcycles, having the advantages of simplicity, reliability, low cost, compactness, responsive low speed power, and low mechanical engine noise. Overhead valve engines having better gas flow, better combustion chamber shape, higher compression ratios, and higher overall power output have taken the place of the venerable “Flatty.” There were some great flathead-powered motorcycles on display at the show.

Doors to the exhibition hall at the Douglas County Fairgrounds opened at 9 a.m., and the admission charge was a very reasonable $5 for adults with free admission to AMCA members and military personnel in uniform. Vendor spaces were $25, and bike entry fees were $10 each for the first two and free for additional bikes. In addition to the flathead powered rides, the show featured a wide variety of vintage motorcycles; domestic and foreign; street, trail, and racing; big and small (mini). Some were original, some restored, some customized. Everyone enjoyed viewing the bikes on display, chatting with friends and acquaintances, and seeing what the various vendors had to offer. For many of us, these fine old scoots evoked pleasant memories of our younger days and our early experiences in motorcycling. There was plenty of time to enjoy the show and still get home in time to watch the Super Bowl game.

Also featured at the show was a video tribute honoring the memory of Jim Sneegas who died at the age of 66 in June, 2016, as the result of a motorcycle accident on a wet road near Bland, Missouri. According to Sherri Miller, Jim was the founding officer of the Santa Fe Trail Chapter. “It was from a discussion in his home with another club member the concept of creating the Santa Fe Trail Chapter was conceived.  During the start-up and growth of the club, he served as club editor and publisher, cheerleader, and was a huge organizer and driver of what our bike show is today.”

When the awards were presented, the rare 1914 Fieldbank Limited owned by Mike Bahnmaier was recognized as Best of Show. Feilbach motorcycles were built from 1904 to 1914 by Arthur Otto Feilbach. He built his first motorcycle in 1904 in his small garage outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with help from his younger brother, William. The Feilbach motorcycle originally appeared as a single-cylinder model. The V-twin engine was introduced in 1913, and the single was discontinued in 1914 which turned out to be the final year for the Fieldbank factory. Congrats to Mike and to all of the other award winners listed below.

American Street

1st-Mike Bahnmaier-1914 Emblem

2nd-Bruce Silkey-1947 Harley-Davidson

3rd-David Loomis-1941 Indian Scout

American Competition

1st-Bruce Silkey-1972 Harley-Davidson XR

2nd-Bob Walker-1912 Indian Exp Racer

British Street

1st-Dan Lowery-1963 BSA Rocket Goldstar

2nd-Kenny Howard-1975 Norton Commando

3rd-Mike Crumet-1973 Triumph Hurrican

British Competition

1st-Harry Enyart-1969 Matchless Rickman 680 CS

2nd-Doug Dollert-1971 Norton Dunstall

European Street

1st-Dan Holman-1954 BMW R 25/3

2nd-Jim Van Eman-1975 Morini 3 ½ Sport

European Competition

1st-Penny and Russ Ruckel-1971 Ossa Pioneer

2nd-Jim Doyle-1977 BMW R100S

Asian Street

1st- Jerry Juenemann-1965 Honda Black Bomber

2nd-Randy Sams-1979 Honda CBX

2rd-Dennis Rannebeck-1981 Yamaha XS 650

Asian Competition

1st-Jerry Juenemann-1972 Honda SL350

2nd-Wesley Cline-1976 Yamaha TT 500

Special Interest

1st-Kelly Modlin-Harley-Davidson military WLA

2nd-Wally LaFond-1969 Honda CT 90

Period Modified

1st-Mike Farwell-1978 Yamaha SR500

2nd-Dave Schneider-1962 Harley-Davidson Panhead


1st-Kevin Davis-1930 Harley-Davidson Flathead C-Single 30.50

2nd-Shawn McGarity-1949 Harley-Davidson Flathead WL

3rd-Lavern Farmer-1926 Harley-Davidson Flathead Model B

Award of Excellence

David Park-1948 Indian Roadmaster

Don Lipsky-1933 Harley-Davidson Flathead VL

Victor Bledsoe-1961 Harley-Davidson Super 10 Hummer

Kenny Howard-1957 Harley-Davidson Sportster

President’s Award

Mike Bahnmaier-1915 Harley-Davidson IIF

Best of Show

Mike Bahnmaier-1914 Fieldback Limited

Door prize sponsors were Rawhide Harley-Davidson, Noel Speed Metal, Chaotic Customs, Superstar Cycle Centers, Deadeye Choppers, and Ogden Publications. Thanks to the Santa Fe Trail Chapter for another terrific show. Thanks also to Sherri Miller for providing the awards list.


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