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Behind the Scenes with Amber

June 30, 2011
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Amber from Blue Springs, Missouri is our July 2011 cover model. She works in the parts, apparel and accessories department at Dell's Powersports in Blue Springs. Her ambitions include owning her own motorcycle dealership someday. Wow…I’ll buy a bike…or two!

In her spare time, Amber enjoys riding motorcycles, working on motorcycles, riding horses, swimming, and anything outside. When it comes to turn-ons, Amber told us she likes a great smile and someone who can make her laugh. On the flip-side, she’s turned off by attitudes and Fun Suckers. Amber admits that she’s a sucker for sport bikes, so I guess we chose the right bike to shoot her on.

When asked what the smartest thing is she’s ever done, she said “Following my passion for motorcycles.” As far as the stupidest thing she’s ever done, Amber said “Well I hit a parked car once. Does that count?' Amber describes her personality as fun, outgoing, colorful, and ambitious, and has been told that her best attribute is her personality!

For fun, we asked Amber to share some of her favorite things with our readers:
Favorite color: Red.
Favorite food: Italian.
Favorite drink (non-alcoholic): Sweet Tea.
Favorite drink (alcoholic): Bud Light.
Favorite restaurant: LongHorn Steakhouse.
Favorite actor: All the actors with hot bods!
Favorite actress: Jamie Pressly
Favorite TV show: Family Guy.
Favorite movie: Grandma's Boy.
Favorite band/artist: Avril Lavigne.
Favorite song: Change by the Deftones.
Do you have pets? Yes, I have four cats and one dog.
Do you ride? Yes, as a passenger.
Do you own your own bike? Yes.
How long have you been riding? As a passenger, since I was 15.
What was your first bike? A 2009 Ninja 250R.
How many bikes have you owned? Two.
How many bikes do you currently own? One. My 2010 Kawasaki KLX110L.
What do you like most about your KLX110L? Its super fun to play on, and is great for learning the basics of riding on a small dirt bike.
What is your dream bike? A BMW S1000RR It's a great looking bike, and super-fast!
What is your most memorable riding experience? Going to the Dragons Tail! It was so much fun riding the twisties, seeing the 'tree of shame,' and telling people all about it.
What is your least memorable riding experience? Highsiding off the back of my bike. Don't worry…I was only doing about 10 mph. It was still scary and left some sexy bruises.
Which motorcycle rallies & events have you attended, and which is your favorite? I went to Bike Week in Daytona this year. It was my first time, but won't be the last! I met so many nice people and saw some amazing bikes. I can't wait to go next year!
Which is your favorite bike night location? Side Pockets in Blue Springs is my favorite place to be every Thursday night! They have great bikes, great people, great music and great drinks! Plus, all my friends are there too!
Tell us about your tattoos? All together I have six tattoos. I have a full sleeve (counting as 1), I have one on my left arm in memory of my Corey Lee Stuck who passed away in a motorcycle accident. I have a Greek flag on my left hip. I also have one on my lower back, and one between my shoulder blades that I designed and drew myself. The last one I have is a black widow on my foot. My favorite has to be my sleeve. It is traditional Japanese and looks amazing! Beautiful colors and well put together.
Who is your favorite tattoo artist? That would have to be Denny at Icon in Blue Springs, hands down! He does amazing work for one! He knows what is going to look good now and later down the road on a tattoo, and he really takes pride in his work. He’s also is a great friend. It’s always a pleasure going in just to visit with him.
Do you prefer riding in a group or by yourself? I like both. I like it when it is just me and my boyfriend, and it’s nice to ride with a group of our friends too.
Who are some of your closest riding buddies? Puuuuuut Buckley and Kristin, Jason Buck, Brandon Slaybough and Mike Pullan, but my best riding buddy was Landon Green.
Other facts or topics of interests you would like to share with our readers: I like pickles!
LOL. Thank you Amber for the interview, and for doing such a great job on your photo shoot!
Interview by Mike Schweder
Photos by Bruce Stimpson with Stimpson Photography.

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