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Behind the Scenes with Amy

September 30, 2011
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Our October 2011 cover model is Amy from Raymore, Missour, and was the winner of our Cover Model Search at The Jobsite Bar in Olathe, Kansas.

Amy owns her own business, and when asked about her ambitions, she said “I have so many. My current ambition is to move into a lovely house that is all mine. When it comes to hobbies, Amy said: I love cleaning…I know touché…but I do. I love to vacuum, cook, garden, and I also enjoy tinkering around old cars.“ OK guys…get in line!
When asked about turn-ons, Amy said “Well, well, well…I am turned on first and foremost, by smell. Mmmm…secondly, lips. This is what will draw me in on a physical level. To keep me, you must know that you are a man, and it is your job to treat me like a lady. Have a job, a car, an ambition in life, and absolutely no drugs. Show me protection, strength, and knowledge. If you have a good heart, you will always be a good man.' On the flip-side, Amy told us that what really turns her off is “Satan spawns…LOL! A bitter man is a sad man. That is a big turnoff to me. A man with no ambition is another. If you need direction, that’s one thing, but no goals are completely another thing.” When asked what she’s a sucker for, she said “Now if I told you this one…I would be a sucker!” She is told that her best attribute is her beautiful smile.
Amy describes her personality as “Flavorful and spicy!” She told us the smartest thing she’s ever done was realizing her true potential as a mother and woman. “I love perception!” When it comes to the most stupid thing she’s ever done, Amy said “Two things…number one: I walked away from the man I loved, and second…are you ready? I hung out of the passenger side of a vehicle with no top on, boobies a dangling, screaming HELP ME, HELP ME! I’d really like to hear the rest of that story, but perhaps another time.
Just for fun, we asked Amy to share some of her favorite things with our readers:
Favorite color: Any jewel-toned colors…so beautiful.
Favorite food: Chips and salsa…although buffalo wings come in right behind them.
Favorite drink (non-alcoholic): MILK!
Favorite drink (alcoholic): Shots please!
Favorite restaurant: The Melting Pot.
Favorite actor: Woody Harrelson.

Favorite actress: Anne Hathaway.
Favorite TV show: I don’t have one at the moment.
Favorite movie: No Strings Attached.
Favorite band: Aerosmith.
Favorite song: Crazy by Aerosmith and Sitting On The Dock of the Bay by Sam Cooke.
Do you have pets: Yes. My little black Kitty.
Do you ride? Every chance I get.
Do you own your own bike, and what do you like most about it? Well, my Schwinn and I go way back…as far as my Fat Boy…well, I’m still saving up for her..
How long have you been riding? My first ride was with my father at age nine. NEVER LOOKED BACK!
What is your dream bike? A Custom Harley-Davidson Fat Boy. My father had one and I loved that beast! Secondly, the name says it all…I want to have my legs around a Fat Boy!
What is your most memorable riding experience and why? One time my father let me control the bike speed at age nine. I wanted to go fast…and fast we did. He was thinking around the block around 10 mph or so. After we did what he wanted…I asked, “So Dad, can we go on the highway now?” He took me on the highway the next day, and we rode and rode and rode.
What is your least memorable riding experience and why? I don’t have one. Knock on wood.
To what motorcycle clubs or organizations do you belong? Very soon, I will be donating my time with Ed’s Posse, the best fundraisers for March of Dimes/Bikers for Babies. I’ve known many of them for a very long time, and love them dearly.
Which motorcycle rallies & events have you attended? I’ve done a few runs for charity events. There is a Rally called the Rattlesnake Rally, which my girls, The KC Knockouts, were able to attend this year. Mike “Rattlesnake” Scherer, was a dear friend to many, and I’m hoping this event will still go on as a tribute to him.
Which is your favorite bike night location? Currently, I spend my Wednesdays at The Jobsite bar in Olathe, Kansas. I also frequent Gail’s Harley-Davidson in Grandview. She is the best, and I get free buffalo wings! I also go to Frankie N Johnny’s is Belton, Missouri. The staff may not be my real family, but nevertheless my family.
Do you have any tattoos? Currently I only have one. It’s located on the outside lower portion of my right leg and states that if one does not put love into everything and anything he/she does, you can never be truly happy.
Do you have a favorite tattoo artist? Honestly, I have no favorites. I believe if you have the talent to be in the tattoo industry, you should be celebrated for the genius you are.
Do you prefer riding in a group or by yourself? BOTH! Riding in a group is always the place to be, but sometimes, you need to ride alone…in the wind.
Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers? Each and every day of your life wants you to be present in it. Love yourself, love your family, and love those around you. Today is your day…now GO GET IT! Love, Princess Amy!
Thanks for the interview Amy.
Interview by Mike Schweder
Photos by Bruce Stimpson with Stimpson Photography.

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