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Behind the Scenes with Michelle

October 1, 2012
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Michelle from Kansas City, Missouri is our October 2012 cover model. She was the winner of our Cover Model Search on Sunday, July 15 at the Brass Rail in Kansas City, Missouri.

For this month's cover shoot, we invite you behind the scenes once again for our cover shoot. Below is the interview we conducted with Michelle, along with some additional information we gathered from her video interview.

Michelle is a bartender and Worth Girl, and her ambitions are to be an awesome mom, and to pursue modeling. Hobbies include working out, dancing, pool, beer, and riding motorcycles. Turn-ons include tall, muscular, funny, romantic guys, and short, boring, lazy guys are a real turnoff. Michelle admits that she’s a sucker for a boy with a motorcycle and tattoos!

When asked what the smartest thing is she has ever done, Michelle said “Going to college.” When asked about the most stupid thing she has ever done, she said “Well, I have dated my fair share of losers!” Michelle describes her personality as “Fun, outgoing, and personable.” When asked about her best attribute, Michelle said “I’ve heard I have some long legs…LOL.”

Just for fun, we asked Michelle to share some of her favorite things with our readers:

Favorite color: Pink.

Favorite food: Anything spicy.

Favorite drinks (non-alcoholic): Dr. Pepper.

Favorite drink (alcoholic): I love whiskey and bourbon drinks.

Favorite restaurant: Yardhouse and The Melting Pot.

Favorite actors: Channing Tatum and Jake Gylenhaal.

Favorite actress: Mila Kunis.

Favorite TV shows: Criminal Minds, American Dad, and Family Guy.

Favorite movies: I love the Transformers movies, but I recently saw End of Watch, and I loved it!

Favorite bands: Adelitas Way, Theory of a Deadman, Halestorm, and Shinedown.

Favorite songs: Alive by Adelitas Way and Sound of Madness by Shinedown.

Do you have pets? Yes, I have a cat name is Mr. Kitty.

Do you ride? Yes…well, on the back.

What is your dream bike? I would love a Fat Boy Low. Preferably a yellow one!

What is your most memorable riding experience? I loved riding in Bikers for Babies. It was a beautiful day, and for a great cause!

Which motorcycle rallies & events have you attended, which is your favorite, and why? Throttlefest, Bikers for Babies, and the Thunder Run. Throttlefest was quite the party, and I had a blast with the Worth Girls!

Which is your favorite bike night location? Worth Harley-Davidson North of course! I’m there everything Thursday night selling beer and washing bikes.

Tell us about your tattoos, and which is your favorite? I have six tattoos on my foot, both ribs, on my shoulders, my hip, and in the middle of my back. My rib piece is probably my favorite. It has lots of color and detail.

Who is your favorite tattoo artist? Wesley Brockman from the Mercy Seat. No one else has ever, or will ever touch me with a tattoo gun. He is the best!

Who are some of your closest riding buddies? I love riding with my boyfriend. I also love to ride with the other Worth Girls and the Rezurrected Riderz!

Thanks for the interview Michelle.

Interview by Mike Schweder

Photos by Bruce Stimpson with Stimpson Photography.

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