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Behind the Scenes with Alicia

August 28, 2014
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Our September 2014 cover model is Alicia from Kearney, Missouri. She is a bartender at the Redfront Bar, and her hobbies include boats, bikes, beer, and beaches. Turn-ons are boys with toys! On the flip-side, Alicia said baby talk by anyone, EVER, is a big turnoff for her. She also admitted that she’s a sucker for a road trip. Alicia told us the smartest thing she’s ever done is getting divorced. She also told us the most stupid thing she’s ever done was getting married in the first place. She describes her personality fun! Alicia has been told that her best attribute is her smartass attitude.

Just for fun, we asked Alicia to share some of her favorite things with our readers:

Favorite color: Harley-Davidson orange. “I just had my Jeep Wrangler painted that color!”

Favorite food: Thick, fresh, steak fillet.

Favorite drink: Lots of water.

Favorite drink: (alcoholic): Beer and some Jager.

Favorite restaurant: My kitchen

Favorite Actor: Sam Elliott.

Favorite Actress: Kate Hudson.

Favorite movie: Junior Bonner.

Favorite Band/Artist: Waylon Jennings /Clyde.

Do you ride? Yes. I don’t have my own bike, but I’ve been riding with others for 14-15 years.

What is your most memorable ride? My first trip through South Dakota and Wyoming.

What is your least memorable ride? Getting caught in a torrential rainstorm on way back to Deadwood, South Dakota. That was the year of the mudslides.

What rallies have you been to, and which is your favorite? I've been to several rallies over the years, but couldn't begin to remember the list. Sturgis, Perry Lake, Conesville, and more in Iowa, Kansas, and Tennessee.

Do you have a favorite bike night hangout? It depend on who is playing where, when I can go, and how far away it is.

Do you have any tattoos? Yes, I have a Waylon Jennings' eagle tat on the left arm, which is my shooting arm. It not only stands for the music, but for the belief, attitude, and philosophy. I also have "12/12" on my right hand, in honor of my cousin Bo Gardner, who was like a brother to me. I don’t believe in the strategic placement of tattoos so they can be covered. That's chicken. If it meant enough to you to have it permanently inked on your skin, then own it.

Thank you Alicia, for doing such a great job on your Cycle Connections cover!

Photos by Dick Carlson

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