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Behind the Scenes with Missy

July 31, 2006
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Missy from Olathe, Kansas is our August 2006 cover model. She is the Manager of Enterprise Pricing for a local trucking conglomerate, headquartered in Kansas City. She is also an independent consultant for Arbonne International, which specializes in botanically-based skin care and cosmetics, aromatherapy, nutrition, and weight loss products. Missy was also a Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader during the 2001-2003 seasons.

Missy’s recently filled one of her ambitions, which was to marry the man of her dreams. Her future ambitions are to raise healthy beautiful children. When asked about her hobbies, Missy said, “What every girl loves to do…shop!”

Missy likes a guy with a great sense of humor, who is intelligent, has a strong work ethic and can dance, which she says describes her new hubby! When asked about her pet peeves she said bragging, obnoxiousness and smoking really turns her off. She is a sucker for boys with bikes, blue eyes and Fudrucker’s cheeseburgers. When asked to describe her personality, Missy said she is silly, independent and sincere.

When asked if she rides her own bike, she told us she used to have her own Kawasaki Ninja 250 but now prefers to ride on back of her husband’s bikes. “He has a Suzuki Hyabusa Turbo, a Honda VTX, a Honda ST1300 and my favorite of course is the Turbo-Terror Busa!"

We asked Missy to describe her most memorable riding experience and she said, “When I used to ride, it was always fun to be the only girl in the pack. I loved every minute of it!” Her least memorable riding experience was wrecking her Ninja and having to replace her turn signal.”

When asked about her favorite ride, rallies, events she told us she really enjoys the Soul Brothers Drag Races at KCIR and is headed to Sturgis this year for the first time. I asked her about her favorite bike night location and she said although she’s been to several she doesn’t really have a favorite, but she goes to FUEL most often.

Missy also wrote a tribute to her cousin, John “Butch” McQuillen, who was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident on June 2, 2006 that is featured in the In Memory Of section of this month’s issue. She said, “I chose to do the cover this month in dedication to him and all the great memories he has given so many people. From all of his dear friends and family, Butch, we will miss you!”

Interview by Mike Schweder

Photos by Michael Blomberg with Main Street Photography (816) 830-6363.

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