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Behind the Scenes with Sophia

April 30, 2007
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Sophia is our May 2007 cover model from Shawnee, Kansas. Along with modeling, Sophia is a DJ, Go-Go Dancer, Real Estate Agent for Keller Williams and also works retail sales at BeBe.

When asked about her modeling career, she said, “I want to continue pursuing modeling, dancing, acting, and DJ-ing. I would love to become a performing rapper, kind of like Fergie, but not like Eve or Lil Kim’s style. I’d also love to take more piano lessons! Singing, acting, racing, fighting, flying and painting are among the other lessons I would love to learn.”

Sophia also went on to say, “Moving out of KC this summer to sunny LA is going to be a life turning experience, both professionally and personally. I will still be traveling all over doing “my gigs.” I’ll be on a reality TV show called “Sunset Tan,” that will appear on E after “The Simple Life.” The show will already be airing, because I won’t start until I move out to LA in May.”

Hobbies include going to the shooting range, driving range, race track, traveling, shopping, caring for her two dogs Goodies and Louis, cleaning, sewing, and watching movies when she has time.

When asked what turns her on, Sophia said, “I like a well rounded guy who is sweet, sincere, honest, family oriented, respectful and tan. Hey, a girl has to have her priorities. Also, he’d better be willing to pay the price for cheating. GRRRR!”

When it comes to turnoffs, Sophia’s said, “Biting your nails, messed up teeth, braces, bad skin, bad breathe, body odors, liars, moochers, drug abusers, litter bugs, cheaters, ugly feet, too many piercing and tattoos, guys that jock too hard, cheap asses, need I go on? Plus, guys who put guilt trips on you and guys that don’t wash their hands.”

Sophia told us she was a sucker for “All types of food (not fried except fries & fried chicken), fruits, and candies. I love a great chick flick! Satin sheets and pillow fights (easy boys), music, animals, fast cars and bikes, guns, high tech electronics, Gucci, Louis Vuitton-you know all the finer things in life.”

When asked to describe herself, Sophia said “I’m pretty laid back and I like to chill for the most part. I’m a little anal about packing for a trip and cleaning. Sometimes I’ll find myself vacuuming at 4 a.m. Everyone does that right? No, I’m not on drugs. My family is very important to me, and my dogs are up there too. Since I travel a lot I don’t get to spend the time I want to with them. I never litter and I can’t stand someone that does. Another thing that I’m really picky about is clothing. I always wear a different outfit to each party unless it’s in a different city. It’s OK to wear the same top with different bottoms or vice versa because I get photographed a lot and don’t want the outfit to be repeated. I don’t have time to work out or even get to all the household chores, like hand washing my bras (because they say to hand wash them), dusting, moping, and organizing. I love to eat, which means I love to cook too. On my leisure time I love listening to music, hitting golf balls, shopping, traveling, going to the shooting range and road racing in a pimped out car. I was a major tomboy growing up. I was one of those “lil bad ass” girls who ran away from home wanting to live the “gangster life.” Come on, can’t you picture me in some baggy, wide legged, size 12” kids jeans, drinking out of my P.I.M.P cup, with a grill on my front teeth? Well, the cup I could imagine. I never went to Prom or Homecoming, because I think the guys were a little confused about me back then. Heck, I was confused with me back then too. I don’t drink or eat anything with caffeine or MSG. I’m a very giving person to everyone that’s real with me. and boy have I learned the hard way.”

When asked if she rides motorcycles, Sophia said, “I’m the bitch that fell off! What’s up with that shirt anyway? Just kidding! I’m the chick on back with short daisy dukes. My first ride on a motorcycle was a few years back on my friend’s sport bike. None of my ex-boyfriends owned a motorcycle. Hey, maybe that’s what I’m doing wrong. They did have nice-fast cars though. I don’t have my own motorcycle but I’d love to get one. I could see myself on a tight looking sport bike. I have tons of motorcycle gear ready to go, along with leather jackets and pants. I know that when I do get a motorcycle I will look good doing it. I use to have one of those pocket bikes. Yeah, yeah! Laugh all you want. It was a pocket bike. 30 ccs baby. Now that’s some real horsepower. Doesn’t that count?”

We asked Sophia what her dream bike would be and she said, “OK, you’re going to have to bear with me, because I don’t know much about bikes. I remember hearing about a BMW touring bike that supported a jump suit that you could plug in for air or heat? That sounds like a great idea; I’m in. I don’t think BMWs have much horsepower though. I love the looks of the choppers! They look so laid back. The only problem with that is I’m only 5’4” and I don’t think my arms would reach due to the rake.”

When asked about her most memorable riding experience, she said “Once, my eyes watered so badly, because I didn’t have great riding glasses. I wore a pair of Gucci’s that I loved and they were so cute on. I didn’t know you should wear a certain kind! Also, the helmet I was wearing was whoriffic (is that’s not a word, it should be).”

When asked if she’d ever been to a motorcycle rally, Sophia told us “I went to a motorcycle rally somewhere in Texas when I was 14 and I really can’t remember much about it. I know it was a Christian Motorcycle Rally. A few girl friends and I helped out at a stand that sold all sorts of cool pins with Jesus and Harley-Davidson combined together. It was a lot fun!”

We asked Sophia if she had any tattoos and she said “I have one tattoo that’s not even worth mentioning. It’s a little green frog (Keroppi-kind of looks like Kermit) on my lower back that’s no bigger then a nickel. I got this done when I was 14 at the Christian Motorcycle Rally, no just kidding, but I was only 14. I had to choose from The little Sanrio cartoon characters, Hello Kitty, Pochacco the dog, Pekkle the duck, and Keroppi the frog. I was a tomboy back then, so the kitty or dog was out. I couldn’t make any sense out of the duck, so I got the little green frog. I wouldn’t mind getting it removed.”

When asked if she had a favorite tattoo artist she told us “OMG, I don’t know actually. I’ve seen some dope tattoos done on The Miami Ink TV show!”

We asked Sophia if she preferred riding in a group or by herself and she said “I’d probably want to ride in a group and run the streets looking all fa-bo. My riding buddies are all the teenagers that had Pocket Bikes with me. We rocked!”

When asked if she had any other facts or topics of interest she would like to share with our readers, Sophia told us “Alright, let me give you the low down. I started modeling at bikini shows, fashion shows, hair shows at the mall, special events, and night clubs at the age of 16. I know I’m shorter then most runway models, but it was something I loved doing; performing of all kinds. I then started networking, which allowed me to get in contact with some great photographers. That led me to car shows, photo shoots, etc. Anything just to get some experience under me!”

“I started dating a guy who joined me at the clubs, raves, and parties. We knew everyone and we all had something in common and that was music. I suggested to him to become a DJ, so we went in together and bought an EQPT and started spinning. “DJ SHAUNFLO” was his name and we started performing at all types of clubs and parties. This is where I came in: He would need relief and since I loved music why not. I thought to myself, how hot is that to have a girl DJ? My original DJ name was (don’t laugh) “DJ Sofiyah” back in 2001, because they used the word “Fiyah” a lot. (Ex. hot boy on Fiyah/Hot Girl on Fiyah!).”

“With DJ-ing on the side I started retail jobs, sale jobs, and school. I was a manager at Victoria’s Secret, Southwestern Bell (now Cingular), Bakers Shoes, bebe, and waitressed at Hooters. I didn’t have much time to DJ anymore. I finished school and got my real estate license with Keller Williams in 2004. To make some extra cash on the weekends I started “Shadow Dancing.” It was actually really cool, because I love to dance and listen to music, and I got paid for it. No one could figure out if we were actually real, because they never saw us and you couldn’t see behind the screens. We would wear tight clothing, so you didn’t see any lines in the shadows. All the clubs in the area decided to start using Go Go dancers. I’m one of the OG’s (original gangsters) of the GoGo scene in the Midwest. This got me back into the clubs, and listening to really cool DJs. They would “spin” and we would dance the night away in the coolest outfits the girls and I would design. Meeting and listening to other DJs made me want to start spinning again. In 2006 I decided to change my name up… kinda like Prince and P. Diddy! Since “DJ Shaunflo” had the word “Flo” in it, I chose “DJ Hustle-Lin”, because it had my last name in it “Lin”, & “Hustle” (like the movie Hustle and Flow). When DJ Shaunflo and I perform together people remember it, because it’s catchy. It didn’t hurt that I had been known for wearing the brand “Hustler” for six years now!”

“I’ve done many photo shoots with bikes, like the Ruff Ryders Calendar that is coming out soon. I’m also on the web site for Driven Clothing Company and I’m on over 60 Billboards in L.A. for a working boot warehouse.”

“I’ll be hitting that Power ball really soon, so be nice to me! That’s when your real friends come out right?”

“Make sure to check out new web site at and also check out MySpace at WWW.MYSPACE.COM/FINEXCHINA.'

Interview by Mike Schweder

Photos by Michael Blomberg with Main Street Photography (816) 830-6363.

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