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Written by  September 30, 2003

Welcome fellow riding divas to the first issue of Cycle Connections!

We want Spoke to Spoke to be your column for questions, answers, comments, or to just say “hey!” Whether you’re a passenger, a new rider, or an experienced rider, we want your input and feedback. It makes no difference what you ride, as long as it has two or three wheels and a motor!

As you may know, motorcycle sales to women have boomed in recent years, and more than 75,000 women riders have taken the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Rider Course.

We take riding seriously and our goal is to keep you updated and informed on the many aspects of riding. Every week I meet more and more women who are preparing to take a Rider Course and have begun the often perplexing and daunting task of buying their first bike. For those of us who have already taken that leap, the enthusiasm and excitement is contagious, and we will share our ideas, tips, and experiences with you.

Bring on your questions, comments, and concerns, and we will be your online support group to help encourage you every step of the way. By addressing your issues and concerns, we will help you become a confident, safe, and skilled rider, who is well informed on womens issues so you can be a mentor for other riding divas.

Please tell us about yourself, how and why you started riding, along with any advice or words of wisdom you’d like to share with your fellow riders. We want to hear about your most exciting bike trips, and feel free to vent about those less than perfect trips. We will post all questions and comments you submit so all of us can learn together.

To help get things rolling, I’ll go first by giving you a little background on myself. I have lived in Kansas City my entire life, and I love the Midwest. I am married to my best friend and riding partner, Terry, and we have one son, David, who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We have traveled by air, train, boat, RV, and car, but there’s nothing that compares to seeing the countryside on a motorcycle. I’ve been riding since 1998 and spent the first year riding two-up (as a passenger, if you’re not familiar with biker slang). The trips, experiences, friendships, and Kodak moments have been endless!

My first bike was a 1996 Yamaha Virago 750, and it was a perfect fit. Between local bike nights, several rallies, and an unforgettable ride to Sturgis, South Dakota, I logged more than 10,000 miles on my bike the first year! In April 2003, I traded my Virago for a 2001 Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider. The Low Rider is a much larger and more powerful bike, and it’s been quite interesting getting a feel for how different the two bikes operate and handle.

Sometimes you get into a comfort level you don’t want to change, which is where I was before buying my Low Rider. Terry and I did a Fly & Ride (flying to a different city and renting a bike) to Albuquerque, New Mexico in March 2003 where I rented a 2003 Low Rider. This was a very positive experience and a huge factor in my decision to purchase my Low Rider. After careful thought, a considerable investment, and an emotional goodbye to my loyal and faithful Virago, my Low Rider and I are quickly becoming best friends. It’s amazing how attached you can become to a machine!

I knew it was the right time for me to make a change, however, depending on your particular wants and desires, you may choose to never change from your current ride. This is perfectly fine because you should always ride the bike you want to ride and also what is most comfortable for you.

Well, enough about me…so ladies, rev up your engines and let’s ride!

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“Never ride faster than your angel can fly”