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No Fuss, No Muss - Permanent Cosmetics By Veronica

Written by  November 30, 2003

Hey all you riding divas, wouldn’t it be nice to take off your sunglasses after a long ride and have your eyeliner still perfect and never have your eye make up smeared again? Well, let me introduce you to Veronica Eighmy (pronounced Amy) of Permanent Cosmetics, who can give you permanent cosmetic enhancements such as eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner/color.

Veronica is a Registered Nurse in the OB-GYN department at Liberty Hospital and I met up with her on her day off. After seeing her work on a co-worker of mine, I was fascinated with the procedure and wanted to learn more. Veronica opened her studio in May in Kearney, Missouri and performs what is called Intradermal Pigmentation, in other words tattooing, but she only does the facial area.

I asked her to define Intradermal Pigmentation, she said, “It is a method of applying micro insertions of natural pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. It is a state of the art technique medically proven and specifically designed to be completely safe. It is a totally different system for facial skin than body tattooing because a more delicate piece of equipment is used.” One type of pigment is used; Veronica does not mix them and has only used Premiere Pigments Company as a supplier. They stand behind their product and she is pleased with the results in color and composition.

Veronica trained and mentored with her mother for three years, who is also a Registered Nurse in Texas. Her mother has been in the business for ten years and after seeing not only how much she enjoys this line of work, but how successful she is, Veronica made the decision to open her own studio. She also loves the business and the reward of seeing satisfied clients is a wonderful compliment to her work.

Most of Veronica’s clients are by referral, but she occasionally advertises in the Kearney newspaper. She has done co-workers and friends over the past couple years and now more and more women are seeing the benefit and convenience of this technique. It seems to make them feel better when they wake up in the morning and have more self-confidence. According to Veronica, the most popular procedure is the permanent eyeliner applied to the upper and lower eye lids, next is lip color, followed by the eyebrows.

She offers a free 30-minute consultation to welcome people and invite them to come in and meet her, see her equipment and learn about the procedure before making a decision. “If a client is not comfortable, I would not want them to do it.”

Once a person has made up their mind to have it done, the procedure includes a consultation and usually takes an average of two hours to perform. Using a cream to numb the area, the client will only feel the vibration of the instrument being used. The recovery is immediate. My co-worker, Mary Glenn, drove straight to the office to show us her 'new eyes.’ Talk about being in someone’s face! We were up close looking at the eyeliner asking all kinds of questions.

Some people’s eyes dilate more than others so they could be sensitive to the sunlight when leaving. Dark sunglasses help if you are going to be driving yourself after the procedure.

Mary commented, “It didn’t hurt at all, there was very little swelling the next day and there was only a scratchy feeling around the eyes for a couple of days.” According to Mary, the lip color procedure was a little more intense and involved swelling. I did not see her in the office for a few days and when I did they were beginning to peel slightly and still in the healing process.

Complete follow-up care instructions are given and Veronica is available for any calls the clients may have before and after. It is recommended that you do not wear mascara for one week and be very careful not to be around dusty areas where particles might get in the eyes and irritate the area. Touch-ups can be done after eight weeks, even though they are not always necessary, they are available to the client.

All the equipment used is disposable; therefore there is no need for an autoclave to sterilize equipment as used in tattoo studios. There is low risk involved, but there is always a chance of infection or allergic reactions. So far she has not had any clients who have experienced either, and Veronica feels that is attributed to following proper care instructions.

I asked Veronica what her advice would be for anyone thinking of having this done and she said, “If you have any history of herpes simplex virus, talk to your physician for proper medication to avoid a breakout. If you have a cold sore or any other areas with a sore, you would need to wait until they are completely healed.”

She has performed corrections on clients who had eyeliner work done by someone else with inadequate training. Veronica listens to what her clients want, however, if someone came in and wanted blue eyeliner it would be her professional duty to explain the pitfalls and if the request was too outrageous she would refer the client to someone else. Veronica encourages clients to go with a natural enhanced look, “they are wearing my work and it is a reflection on me, therefore I’m very protective of that.”

I asked her what happens when someone is 70 years old with gray hair and black eyebrows. She said, “You can do a color change to match your hair if that is what you want.” She has done color changes to several women who have changed hair color and therefore want their eyebrows to match. A few of my co-workers wanted to know if you still have to pluck your brows after the tattooing and sorry to say, yes you do, it keeps your eyebrows perfect, but does not stop the hair growth.

If you have any questions or comments about Permanent Cosmetic makeup, send me your questions or give Veronica a call at (816) 797-3284 and tell her you read about it in Cycle Connections Online Motorcycle Magazine! She is intelligent, professional, and caring. As my interview with Veronica was winding down, we were looking at her appointment book to see when she can perform the Intradermal Pigmentation on ME! Stay tuned for the end result and the before and after pictures!

“Never ride faster than your angel can fly”

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