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Overcoming the Fear of Motorcycles

Written by  December 31, 2003

Goldie - How do I get my wife interested in riding when she won't go near my motorcycle?

Rolla, Missouri

Hey Tom from Rolla!

First, find out why she won't go near it. Fear? Safety issues? Not having the proper apparel? Noise? Not knowing other women pillion riders? Not having a nice comfortable seat?

I would suggest you start with a nice close ride to one of her favorite restaurants. You might also consider having her take the Motorcycle Safety Course. Not with the intent of riding, but to learn more about motorcycles and the safety aspects of riding. It makes for a more knowledgeable passenger and will give her an appreciation for the motorcycle and rider, along with the skill it takes to maneuver the bike in all situations.

Over the winter, you might consider trailering your bike somewhere warm to ride. If you have relatives or friends in a warm climate, your wife probably wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to visit them. This spring, plan a weekend get-away, shopping, sightseeing or take a ride to a restaurant of her choice with friends.

Don't stop inviting her to ride with you, however, if you've tried everything and she still isn't interested, it's probably best to just let it go. Not everyone was meant to ride on a motorcycle. When you and your riding buddies and their wives head out on your next road trip, your wife may be happy to drive the chase vehicle and haul the gear, so you can still enjoy being together once you reach your destination. If you take a trip with other riders, there will most likely be other passengers who would enjoy riding in a comfortable vehicle for part of the trip to relax and keep your wife company.

My husband, Terry and I have had so much fun riding together over the past several years, and have been to so many places. We have traveled by plane, train, boat, bus, and auto, but as you know, there is still nothing like riding the back roads on a bike, being out in the open, smelling the beautiful aromas of flowers, trees, wheat, and sometimes those not so wonderful aromas such as skunks and diesel fuel.

Please let us know how things work out, ride safe!

'Never Ride Faster Than Your Angel Can Fly'

Goldieā€™s Tip of the Month:
When you replace your tires, have them check your brake pads too. They could be eating into your rotors and you would never know it until you or a mechanic inspected them. This also can save you a great deal of labor cost by having them do any necessary work while the wheel is already removed.