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Written by  January 31, 2004

Hi Goldie,
We go to rallies all over the United States, participate in lots of local charity rides, but where can my boyfriend and I go on a romantic motorcycle getaway?

Topeka, Kansas

Hi Sandy,
What a perfect time to talk about a romantic getaway with Valentine’s Day fast approaching! Can you keep a secret? You could get him a gift certificate for a “Spring Fling!”

Let me tell you about a magical place and unforgettable encounter at Sybaris. Sybaris is unlike any ordinary hotel. It is a discreet private club with a unique atmosphere. You can ride, trailer, drive or do a fly & ride, but don’t plan on doing much riding once you get there because you will not want to leave the oasis of luxurious privacy.

They have five locations with five suites that offer whirlpools and three of those suites include a heated in-ground swimming pool with cascading waterfall in your room! You can also enjoy the refreshing misting steam room, whirlpool tub and fireplace. All suites include a king size bed on a pedestal with mirrored ceiling, adjustable lighting, CD player, TV, VCR, stereo, complimentary toiletries, cuddly robes, microwave, coffee maker, coffee and tea, refrigerator and ice! Divas will love the European bidet’ in the oversized bath area and the disposable self-pasted toothbrushes were nifty too. There are no windows or telephones.

When you call to make a reservation, you are required to purchase a $30 annual membership that allows you to receive special discount offers and free gifts with any birthday or anniversary reservation. You are treated like royalty at your 6:00 p.m. check-in, and then given the gold key to your 5-star opulent room. You arrive at your assigned building that looks like a residential setting of condos, but they are individual units. The Chalet, the most expensive suite, comes with an attached garage to park your ride (or cage). It also offers an upstairs loft and slide for the 22’ swimming pool!

Prepare to be amazed when you open the door, it is a setting like none you will ever see in your travels. The lights are dimmed, flickering fireplace and soft tunes fill the room. A champagne bucket and glasses were an inviting sight in the conversation pit area. I recommend the Deluxe Swimming Pool Suite. It is a two room suite separated by a two-sided fireplace in the middle and the rest is all glass. The cascading waterfall above your pool is breathtaking, green plants adorn the perimeter and ceilings. You actually feel like you have escaped to Fantasy Island, where only the rich and famous gather.

If you have read the book, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” by John Gray, he states: “One of the simplest and most powerful ways to rekindle passion is to get out of the house on a romantic getaway. Enjoy a change of scenery, the more beautiful the new environment is, the better.” Be sure and tell your dude that a change in scenery is not sleeping in a tent at the Buffalo Chip campground in Sturgis. You both deserve to be pampered and treated like royalty and I guarantee you, Sybaris will not disappoint you when it comes to the ultimate in change of scenery!

Don’t wig out on the cost, remember, it’s a romantic getaway! And it’s a lot less than chrome add-ons or custom wheels!! Prices vary based on the day of the week, Sunday thru Thursday the rates range from $115 to $395 per night; Friday or Saturday rates range from $180 to $520 per night. Check out their web site for last minute and monthly specials.

Of course holidays are prime and rates are at a premium. The only extras I brought with me were scented candles and my favorite CDs to complete the tranquil atmosphere. There are only two things missing to make this the ultimate and that is, extended check-out at no cost and local restaurants with delivery service for dinner. We drove to a very nice Italian restaurant about a mile away, but there are plenty of other food choices to choose from in the vicinity.

If you decide to ride, take Route 66, it’s a historic road and leads right to Sybaris in Frankfort, Illinois. The Downers Grove and Northbrook locations in Illinois are so traffic congested that you might want to fly in to Midway or O’Hara, rent a car and drive. You could also entertain the idea of staying one night at Sybaris, one night in downtown Chicago and shop to your hearts content on Michigan Avenue, hit a few clubs, attend a Cubs games at Wrigley Field, and eat at the Chop House! Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Other choices closer to home for romantic getaways include, The Elms Resort in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, bed and breakfast in Hermann, Missouri, or hop on Amtrak from Kansas City to St. Louis and see places like Union Station, The Arch, Lacledes Landing, the Sugar District, or sample the Italian flavor on The Hill. Or venture further south down to Eureka Springs, Arkansas and stay in a secluded log cabin or bed and breakfast. Ahh, remember “Key Largo, just like Bogie and Bacall.” The Florida Keys are also great for a fly & ride from Miami for an extended weekend.

Wherever you decide to go, just keep the fire burning and the sparks alive!

Goldie Arnold

'Never Ride Faster Than Your Anger Can Fly’

Goldie’s Tip of the Month:
When riding in cold weather, dress in layers so your outer clothing can be removed as needed.