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Inspirational Women: Ursula Marie Wachowiak aka The B.R.O.A.D.

Written by  October 30, 2015

In preparing for this story, I was told by Ursula to check out her blogs, which I did. B.R.O.A.D. stands for “Babe Riding Out a Dream” and ride she does. Her dream started to become reality in 2012, when she lost her full time job. She had her virtual assistant business, The Write Hand, since 1997 and, having no luck finding a job that matched the one she had lost, turned her attention to building it to a full time venture.

Here it is best to take from her blog to explain her “epiphany:” “It’s not quite growing fast enough nor is it lucrative enough as of yet to pay all the bills. So what do I do to pay the bills?  Or should I ask, why do I need these bills? There was no reason for me to be stuck in one apartment paying somebody else’s mortgage. No need to pay for gas and electric.

Call me crazy (you wouldn’t be the first, nor the last), so I looked at the facts: I can work from anywhere, I enjoy camping, I enjoy riding, being self-employed I’ll never get much of a vacation, so…….”

Ursula planned to work Monday through Friday for her clients and to bring to the biker community her version of “information on ride routes, the good and the bad on eateries, watering holes, cabins, camping, biker friendly towns, biker events, on the road safety (beyond tire pressure and fresh oil), philosophy of a chick biker, and so much more.”

In her opening page of her blog, B.R.O.A.D, Ursula states, “I believe only I can change my life. I believe in taking misfortune and turning it into a learning experience.” Those words would be more than prophetic.

Ursula began journaling her new life in July, 2012 with wonderful stories of the people she would meet on the road, her family and her experiences as a woman rider.  By September, the dream was becoming reality as she prepared to embark by sifting through a lifetime of possessions, deciding what to store, what to sell and what to take with her. She ended up selling 98% of her possessions, and along with her diligence in trying to build The Write Hand, she was ready to hit the road in March, 2013.

One of the purposes of Ursula’s journey was to visit as many motorcycle events as possible, beginning with Daytona. Her blog has numerous entries not only covering the places and events she has experienced, but also good tips and information regarding how to ride in adverse conditions, the best places to stay, eat or ride.

Ursula’s travels were becoming well known and she was interviewed in June, 2013 by Fox Leather. She had covered most of the southern states and up into Illinois visiting family and friends, attending events and enjoying the gypsy life. Setbacks were small; mechanical issues or weather were her only “bumps” in the road. Her business was growing and sponsors were helping to fund her blog and her trip. Her entries, even when things got a bit patchy, are filled with joy and a feeling of being blessed to be able to do what she dreamed of, what others could only hope to do. She made plans to embark on her first trip to Sturgis in August.

Her plans were met with naysayers, friends that thought they were “helping” by shooting her dream down. Whether they meant well or not (and some did not), their remarks did not deter her. If anything, they are simply no longer friends.

Next month: The ride to Sturgis that would change everything.