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Individualism and Imagination: Part I

Written by  September 28, 2003

My Beginning.

Ever since I was a young boy, I have always been drawn to motorcycles and their modification. My parents were mystified by my ability to receive a new present, whether a scooter, skateboard or bicycle, and in a matter of a few days, turn it into something else. This character trait followed me throughout my life with cars, boats and motorcycles.

When I was 12 years old, my first motorized project was a used mini-bike with a 3 HP Tecumseh engine. Within a week, I had pulled off the engine and traded it, along with my 3 speed Sting Ray bicycle for a 5 HP engine with a Comet TAV-30 Torque Converter! With my neighbor’s help, it took us just a few days to fit the new engine to the bike frame, not to mention spending all my savings for other needed parts. It fired right up like a dream, and I couldn’t wait to get on it and tear down the street.

During the initial test run, the bike ran like a bat out of Hell, with me holding on for dear life! With the throttle twisted wide-open, I could barely keep it under control. At the first turn I let off on the gas and applied the brake, but to my surprise, I realized I had no brakes! As it turned out, in our haste to get it running, we forgot to reconnect the brake cable. Well, a smarter person would have coasted to a stop and hooked up the brake, but not me. As most kids would agree, the soles of your tennis shoes work just as good - well most of the time! After I mastered the beast, I rode up and down the street, smiling as if I’d just won a week to Disneyland. That is, until I ran out of gas and had to push it back home.

That night, as my parents looked over my modified mini-bike, my Mom kept asking me why I had to be so different. My Dad just cast a weary look in my direction and muttered something about how he’d better look under the hood of his car to see if anything was missing.

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