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Easyriders 2015 Bike Show Tour – Charlotte, North Carolina

Written by  February 28, 2015

I’ve been looking forward to the Easyriders 2015 Bike Show Tour for several months now. This year’s event took place on Saturday, January 24, 2015 at the Charlotte Convention Center. I love the show, but I hate the lack of parking. Once you park your bike, it’s a long walk to get to the front of the building, and what I really hated the most was paying over $10 to park.

As I entered the hall area, to the right, I could see trucks and all kinds of custom cars and hot rods that were all decked out for the show. I never did make it down to the other end to take a look at the cages, because I made the long trip to Charlotte to see the motorcycles.

On the other end of the showroom to the left of the entrance, I could hear The Andy Buckner Band playing. The Andy Buckner Band performed on stage several times throughout the day, playing everything from southern rock to bluegrass. What is so amazing about Andy is that he writes a lot of his own original music. Andy plays the guitar, along with many other instruments, and excels at them all. The band consisted of Andy Buckner, Brad Curtioff and Jake Pegg. Andy was born and raised in the mountains of North Carolina where he absorbed the music of the area. He first sang in church at the age of four years old, and followed in the footsteps of a family of musicians that goes back generations. He now makes his home in Marshall, North Carolina.

While making my rounds and talking to the vendors, I ran into Brook Mullinax, one of the owners of the Bottoms Up Tavern in Pendleton, South Carolina. They opened the vintage bar and private club a year ago in a building that was built back in the 1920s.

I also talked with James Lollis and his son Colton who owns Woodlawn Baggers of Greenwood, South Carolina. They attended the Nashville Show last February 7, and entered four motorcycles. They stated that in Nashville, their bikes didn’t bring home any trophies, but there were a lot of people interested in their motorcycles. James Lollis and his son entered three baggers and an antique bike in the Charlotte show. What’s so great about the 1946 Knucklehead that James entered into the Antique class is that the motorcycle was owned by his father Bub Lollis of Greenwood. James told me he remembered having his photo taken while standing next to the bike as a young boy. James helped his father rebuild the motor before he passed away. This time, their 1946 Knucklehead brought home a 2nd place trophy in the Antique Class.

I would also like give a shout out to some of the other local bikers from my area, such as Robert Snipes, the owner of Snipes Machine LLC in Kershaw, South Carolina. Robert entered his 2010 Harley-Davidson Street Glide, which took 3rd place in the Radical Bagger class. in the Modern Chopper class, Richard Wright of Lexington, South Carolina won 1st place for his 2014 Custom. Shane Thompson of Greenwood, South Carolina entered his 2008 Harley-Davidson Street Glide, and took home 2nd place, and last but certainly not least, Howard Morrow of West. Columbia, South Carolina won 1st place in Modified Stock Street. I had met a lot of these bike builders and bike owners at the Woodlawn Annual Bike Show in Greenwood, South Carolina.

I guess maybe I’ve attended too many of these kind of events, or I’m just finding that motorcycling has not changed that much in the last 48 years. I know that motorcycles are better made and aftermarket products have greatly improved over the years, but like I’ve always heard, the more things change the more things stay the same. I’m like everyone else, in that I still love to go to bike shows and swap meets to see what I can find. Like I always write about, it’s a good place to meet old friends during the winter months, and I still get a kick seeing the young guys come riding to an event during the winter months to show everyone how tough they are. In my young days I use to do lot of cold weather riding, and I’m now wondering what in world was I thinking. The Easyriders 2015 Bike Show still has all the makings of a good show tour, and during my five hours of walking the floor, I enjoyed some good music and looking at plenty of motorcycle parts and accessories. I’m also not going to denied that I love taking photos of good looking women, and let’s not forget the reason I made that long trip to Charlotte; the motorcycles. I look forward to returning next year to see what motorcycles and styles are popular.