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Bike Week Oklahoma 2015 at Sparks America, Sparks, Oklahoma

Written by  July 26, 2015

For a week every summer Sparks America Campground near the tiny town of Sparks hosts Bike Week Oklahoma. The dates for this year’s event were June 18 through 28. Bike Week always features live music on stage every night, bike shows and Woody’s auction of chainsaw artworks and furniture for charity on both Saturdays, and lots of bike games and people games. Various nights during the week have themes such as Super Hero, Cowboys & Indians, Honor the Troops, ‘50s Sock Hop, Roaring ‘20s, College Teams, and Naughty School Girls.

The Insane Game Challenge was a week-long contest with various games contested Monday through Thursday to eliminate all but two of the 11 couples that entered. Monday’s events were the Sexy Balloon Game and the Newlywed Game. Balloon Toss and Sip & Flip were Tuesday’s games. Backward Bicycle Race and Ski Race were contested on Wednesday. Double Bicycle Race and Drunk Obstacle Course on Thursday concluded the elimination phase of the competition. The two homemade bicycles used on Wednesday and Thursday were as weird as any you will ever see. The final event of the Insane Game Challenge was called the Final Beer Run. First prize was $1,000 cash and a custom painted bike. Biker Red and Tom were set to take on Sarah and Larry. Two large boxes sat in front of the stage, randomly assigned to the teams. Each box contained a custom-painted mini-bike, partially assembled. The task of the couples was to finish the assembly, get the little bike started, and make a beer-run across the campground returning with two beers. Unfortunately for Red and Tom, their bike was reluctant to start, and the starter rope eventually broke, sealing the victory for Sarah and Larry. Both couples got to take the mini-bikes home.

My schedule unfortunately did not permit me to attend the entire week. Leaving home on Thursday, I headed south to Harrisonville for a rendezvous with Doc Lonnie who would be contributing photos to our article on the rally. We arrived in plenty of time to set up camp and catch the evening activities on the playground. Thursday’s first on-stage contest challenged the ladies to convince campground owner and party host Robert Butler that, “panties are a good idea.” The winner, looking fine in red panties, was awarded $100 cash. Next, college team spirit was on display. Doc Lonnie’s University of Missouri T-shirt was not a crowd favorite due to our location in the heart of O.U. and Oklahoma State territory. Neither underwear nor college team apparel factored into the late-night “adult contest.”    

Friday’s schedule included several bike games and lots of people games. The plaques presented to the winners of the games at Sparks America feature cartoon artwork specific to each game. Friday’s people games included Butt Darts, Dizzy Race, Keg Toss (his and hers), Buff the Woody, Tire Roll, Tittie Licking, Twinkie Eating, Tampon Race, and Sex Positions. Bike games featured Blind Man’s Bluff, Basketball Shoot (by passenger), Drunk Driving, Plank Race, Quick Start, Barrel Race, Horse Shoe Toss (by passenger), Pig Tail, Ring Around the Rosie, and Dirty Laundry. The highlight of Friday evening’s activities was provided by a classroom (actually, the stage) full of naughty school girls who had been held after school by naughty schoolmarm Lori. The “students” exhibited the bad behavior that landed them in detention, much to the delight of the audience. Live music continued, and more adult competition was featured on stage.

Saturday festivities kicked off with the bike show featuring nearly 50 bikes and trikes. The Best in Show winner was a C.V.O. Harley-Davidson Springer belonging to Richard Byrd from Ada, Oklahoma.

Games resumed after the bike show with the focus on events contested aboard motorcycles. Those included Slow Ride (single and double), Straw in the Bottle, Keg Roll, Weenie Bite, Cherry Bite, Balloon Toss, Dirt Drags, Tire Drags, and “Honey, I’m Home!” A couple who had been married at Sparks America earlier in the day were participants in the games. The Newlywed Game was also a part of the afternoon’s entertainment. The evening on-stage entertainment included a Mardi Gras costume contest, music, and another skin-to-win adult contest.

Plaques were presented to game winners by Jana "Honey" Ahrens, the reigning Miss Sparks America. Plaques were awarded for best tattoos, longest beard, longest hair, and longest motorcycle ride to Sparks. Biker babes competed for a cash prize for collecting the most beads (measured by weight). Special awards went to the youngest and oldest military veterans in attendance. Also, the “Last Man Standing” award was presented to Hippy who never misses an event at Sparks America. Make sure to also check out all the award photos!

The 2015 version of Bike Week Oklahoma was great fun, as Sparks events always are. Thanks to Robert and Brenda for hosting the event. Thanks also go to the hard-working Sparks America staff. I’ll be looking forward to another trip to Sparks for the annual Biker Halloween Party. When you pack for the trip to Sparks, please remember that glass containers are not permitted because of safety considerations. See you there!


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