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9th Annual Larry “Mad Dog” Rogers Memorial Ride - Birmingham, Alabama

Written by  August 28, 2015

Nine years ago on August 10, 2006, Larry “Mad Dog” Rogers lost his battle with cancer, and the rest of us lost one of the sweetest men you’d have ever wanted to meet. It was a very sad time at Rider’s Harley-Davidson where “Dog” was the parts manager for 16 years. Everyone loved him. He made all of his customers feel like he was there just for them, and that what they wanted or needed was important to him.

He also left behind the love of his life, fiancé Linda Mosley Bowerman, who also works at the dealership, and after 16 years, has been promoted to parts manager. She is in his old office, and channeling him throughout her workday. I’m sure he is smiling down on her and very happy for her as well.

His children Jacob and Jenah, both have children of their own now, which is something I’m sure he would be very proud of. Although they missed knowing their awesome “Grandpa,” I’m sure he is with them in spirit.

On Saturday, August 8, 2015, a bunch of us gathered at the Thunder Inn in Birmingham, Alabama. for a cold beer, before hitting the road for a trip over to the cemetery where everyone had a toast to “Dog.” Some even poured a toast onto the ground for him.

It’s such a good thing that his son Jacob does pulling this ride together every year, so that all the people who loved “Dog” can get together for a ride and have a cold beer in his honor. I’m sure he would be very proud of him. It’s always great to get together, share stories, ride, and see folks you haven’t seen in a long time. Maybe next time we can get everyone to participate in the group pictures.

While “Dog” would get a kick out of it all, I’m sure he would be a little embarrassed that we were making such a big deal about him. His nature was not to put himself first, so that just wouldn’t feel right to him, but it is totally right. We miss you man!

Our hopes are to get Jacob to move the ride to Sunday starting next year, so that we might have a huge bigger turnout. After all, it will be 10 years. So go ahead and mark it on your calendar for next year, so you can help us achieve that.