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Flat Track Motorcycle Racing at LakeSide Speedway – Kansas City, Kansas

Written by  July 10, 2017

Saturday, June 10, was a busy day for me. After participating in the annual Bikers With a Mission (BWAM) ride for the homeless that concluded at Gail’s Harley-Davidson in Grandview, Missouri, I headed for Lakeside Speedway in Kansas City, Kansas, for the flat track races on the 4/10-mile dirt oval. I arrived in time to spend some time hanging around the pit area.

As I was visiting Rodney Noel’s pit, my buddy Marty Finley rode in. Marty is a big fan of flat track motorcycle racing and makes the trip to watch the Springfield Mile every year. He happend to wear a souvenir T-shirt from the 2004 Springfield event. Marty was pleased to see that Iowa’s Rich King, the winner of that 2004 race as a member of the Harley-Davidson factory team, was in a nearby pit preparing to race at Lakeside. Rich, one of the riders pictured on the back of Marty’s shirt, provided an autograph and was gracious enough to pose for some photos. Marty also checked off a bucket list item by posing on Rodney’s extremely clean Harley-Davidson XR.

The rider’s meeting began at 5:00 p.m. with promoter Paul Covert of Crooked Creek Promotions and flagman Randy Koster briefing the racers. Last year, bad weather during the days leading up to the Lakeside event resulted in unavoidably poor track conditions. For the 2017 event, Mother Nature was in a much better mood, and the track was smooth and very fast.

All of the riders had the benefit of a couple of practice sessions to get accustomed to the track and make last-minute set-up changes. The bikes ranged from vintage to modern and included Bultaco, Harley-Davidson, Huskvarna, Kawasaki, KTM, Honda, Rotax, Suzuki, Triumph, and Yamaha brands. The youngest riders, astride 50 cc machines, were to race around pylons set up in front of the grandstand. However, for their first practice lap, they were not having any of that and instead circled the entire track. These riders were as young as four years old while riders in the other classes were as old as 70-something representing Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Oklahoma with several competing in multiple classes. There were a total of 19 classes based on rider age, professional or amateur, vintage or modern bike, and engine displacement.

At the conclusion of the heat races, there was a break during which a modified race car entertained the crowd by making a few hot laps around the track. There were a total of 14 feature races with a few including multiple classes. The entire program ran very smoothly, and there was only one crash that, thankfully, did not result in injury to the rider or significant damage to the motorcycle. It was a fun evening with very entertaining racing that included a father-son duel and some very intense competition.

Here are the results:

Outlaw Pro-Am:
1-#81I-KTM-Marc Boyd-Chillicothe, Missouri
2-# 42M-Yamaha-Mike Newton-Kiefer, Oklahoma
3-# 15-Rotax-Bill Walker-Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

65 cc:
1-# 22-KTM-Dalton Hunn-Bel Aire, Kansas
2-# 10-Kawasaki-Nicholas Karnes-Norcatur, Kansas
3-# 261-KTM-Kanin French-Not available

Vintage 60+ Am:
1-# 66N-Harley-Davidson-Rodney Noel-Edgerton, Kansas
2-# 55-Triumph-Ronnie Doty-Bonner Springs, Kansas
3-# 6-Harley-Davidson-Gerald Chism-Springfield, Missouri

Vintage Twin Am:
1-# 79-Triumph-Jeff Durand-Humbolt, Kansas

Vintage 40+ Am:
1-# 96-Yamaha-Chad Beckley-Fairgrove, Missouri
2-# 63T-Yamaha-Terry Clark-Sedgewick, Kansas
3-# 94W-KTM-Wesley Cline-Independence, Missouri

Vintage Pro 600 Singles:
1-# 80-Rotax-Rich King-Waterloo, Iowa
2-# 44R-Honda-Randy Thistle-Bimidgi, Minnesota
3-# 13G-Yamaha-Scott Raine-Mayetta, Kansas

50 cc:
1-# 12-Cob-Kanin French-Not available
2-# 99-KTM-Koehn Pivonka-Great Bend, Kansas
3-# 20-Yamaha-Hunter Townley-Lincoln, Kansas

85 cc:
1-# 6-Honda-Reece Pottorf-Highland, Kansas

Open Knobby
1-# 85-KTM-Jerald Pemberton-Not available, Missouri

Vintage 250 Am:
1-# 4-Bultaco-Bill Snyder-Manhattan, Kansas
2-#10D-Kawasaki-Mark Pottorf-Highland, Kansas

450 Pro:
1-# 31-Honda-Dylan Bell-Salina, Kansas
2-# 22I-Honda-Michael Toon-Goddard, Kansas

3-80-Rotax-Rich King-Waterloo, Iowa

Open Brakeless:
1-# 6-Harley-Davidson-Gerald Chism-Springfield, Missouri
2-# 79-Triumph-Jeff Durand-Humbolt, Kansas

Vet 30+ Am:
1-# 81I-KTM-Marc Boyd-Chillicothe, Missouri
2-# 17-Honda-Rod Sterling-Ottawa, Kansas

50+ Am:
1-# 44R-Honda-Randy Thistle-Bimidji, Minnesota
2-# 9-Huskvarna-Mike Hamilton-Wichita, Kansas
3-# 53-Yamaha-Darryl Hefley-Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Open Vintage Am:
1-# 63T-Yamaha-Terry Clark-Sedgewick, Kansas
2-# 69N-Scott Nightingale-Holton, Kansas

3-# 20-Triumph-Terry Brownback-Emporia, Kansas

Open Am:
1-# 8-Honda-Austin DeBoard-Wichita, Kansas
2-# 65-Suzuki-Matt Kuzanek-Overland Park, Kansas
3-# 24-Honda-Tim Davis-Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Vintage Twins:
1-# 46-Yamaha-Kris Armentrout-Wichita, Kansas
2-# 42M-Yamaha-Mike Newton-Kiefer, Oklahoma
3-# 70-Yamaha-Jody Hale-Ozark, Missouri

250 cc:
1-# 55G-Honda-Avery Brewer-Hoisington, Kansas
2-# 47-Honda-James Hunn-BelAire, Kansas
3-# 6-Honda-Reece Pottorf-Highland, Kansas

Open Pro:
1-# 31-Honda-Dylan Bell-Salina, Kansas
2-# 22I-Honda-Michael Toon-Goddard, Kansas

3-#80-Rotax-Rich King-Waterloo, Iowa



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