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Ozark Leather Shop - Ozark, Missouri

Written by  April 30, 2008

Ozark Leather Shop is a family owned and operated business owned by Dave and Donna on 1503 S. 3rd St. in Ozark, Missouri. The family has owned the business since its inception in 1995. Starting out as a trade show vendor, they have morphed into a motorcyclist’s specialty shop with just about anything a motorcyclist could want apparel-wise, all under one roof.

Specializing in leather apparel, you could not ask for more bang for the buck. Excellent products with excellent service are the standard for Dave and Donna. They take great pride in being able to offer services such as custom fitting and sewing of leather apparel while you wait. Need a set of chaps adjusted to fit the little lady that is proud of her new diet results? It can be done. Dave’s motto is, “If you weigh between 50 and 450, we can put a set of chaps on you.” Jackets are stocked in men’s sizes up to 64, some up to size 68. Supersize me please! They cater to the big boys. Women’s jackets are stocked from XS-5XL, for the full-figured ladies. Vests are in stock in numerous styles and sizes for men, women and children. Chaps and jackets are also available for children. All of Ozark Leather’s jackets have removable liners, and pricing is very reasonable, usually starting under $100. Ozark Leather also carries footwear by Milwaukee Leather in large quantities, with sizes in a lot of their styles on hand. Chaps start at $59. Ozark Leather does not sell the patchwork chaps or jackets; they only sell premium grade leather. They also do not sell the split-leather products.

Ozark Leather stocks approximately 270 different patches on hand, with over 30,000 in inventory. They are factory direct, so that keeps the prices low and the quality high. Vets, if you are looking for something that no one else may seem to have, this is the shop you may want to check out. Over 95% of their patches and apparel can be viewed online, so if you are one of those people like me who like to buy stuff on the Net, this is your one-stop biker shop. Dave and Donna like to cater to lots of different types of people, from the Christian-based groups to the vets. Your average Joe or club member will feel at ease dealing with anyone at this facility. Sewing on patches is not a problem, and can be done while you wait.

Ozark Leather also carries helmets, saddle bags, vest extenders, sunglasses and goggles, carry-on baggage, gloves, wallets, etc., and the list goes on and on. One of the best things about a business like this is that they are constantly shipping out items to all over the country, so you don’t have to wait for an order to go out like you will at some outfits. Ninety-eight percent of all orders received before 3 p.m. CST, are shipped the same day. If Ozark Leather does not stock what you want, they can get it. They pride themselves on it.

Now, for all of you who are wondering why I didn’t put Dave or Donna’s last name in here, it is because they feel that if you can’t do business on a first name basis, they have no business being in business. Customer service is that serious to them. They want you to have faith in their products, their prices, and above all, their customer service. So next time you are looking for that right vest or jacket, give them a call or check them out online. They promise you, you will not find a better bargain!

By Jim Austin


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