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June 2008

Written by  May 31, 2008

Papa Clutch Customs - Sucker Punch Sally's Dealership in Ainsworth, Iowa

Papa Clutch Customs is a small-town motorcycle shop with big-time plans. Located in tiny Ainsworth, Papa Clutch is Iowa’s only dealership for Sucker Punch Sally’s factory custom old-school motorcycles with bobber and chopper styling. In fact the only other SPS dealerships in the center section of the United States are in Denver, Minneapolis, and St. Louis. According to Tim Anding who co-owns the business with his wife, Dana, the plan is to sell 30 bikes this year.

Sucker Punch Sally’s began building motorcycles in their Scottsdale, Arizona, manufacturing facility in 2002. Their aim is to produce the best stripped-down bobbers and choppers at the most reasonable prices. Two of their models, the Traditional and the 66 Bobber, received industry awards for 2007. In addition, the line now includes the Slim, the Swinger (the only model with a swing-arm frame), the Sled, and the Hot Rod. Engines from Harley-Davidson, RevTech, and S&S ranging in size from 81.6 to 100 cubic inches are available. Buyers can mix and match such options as front suspension (springer available), wheels and tires, exhaust systems, seats, handlebars, transmissions, paint, and other accessories to personalize every bike.

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Starz Custom Leather & More - Independence, Missouri

By Mike Schweder

So wadda ya do when the zipper breaks on your leather jacket or that snap at the bottom of your chaps finally gives out? Do you try fixing it yourself before giving up and trudging down to the local leather store to shell out a few hundred dollars for some new duds? If you're made out of money, that may be an option; however for those of us who aren't so lucky, or are sentimentally attached to those old leathers that have protected us for thousands of miles in the saddle and are just starting to get broken in, it's nice to know you have a better and far less expensive option. Just pick up the phone and call Betty 'Boop' Ford at Starz Custom Leathers & More in Independence, Missouri.

Over the years I've sought out Betty's expertise on numerous occasions, such as when the stitching came apart on my leather saddlebags. Naturally, this happened just a few days before getting ready to head to Sturgis, so I thought I was probably out of luck, but the stars (or rather the Starz) must have been aligned, because while talking to Betty on the phone, she reassured me it shouldn't be a problem and to run them by and she'd be happy to take a look. Not only did she get me in right away, but being a fellow biker and knowing I was in somewhat of a predicament, she fixed them right there while I waited. Now that's what I call service! That's also when I told Betty that someday I'd like to interview her for our magazine and share my experience with our readers. A few weeks ago I finally had that opportunity while dropping off my girlfriend's leather purse for Betty to repair.

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