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Hellraisers Fabrication – Where Dreams Become Reality

Written by  December 31, 2009

Most bikers dream of having their own custom bike, but few have the money, time and resources it takes to make it happen. Unless you have $35K or more burning a hole in your pocket for that factory custom chopper you've had your eye on for some time now, instead, you probably chose to stop by your local dealership to pick up that 'last' piece of chrome or bolt-on part. There's nothing wrong with that, but where do you go from there?
That's probably about it unless you've been saving your pennies for a custom paint job or have been patiently waiting until the next factory model comes out that catches your eye so you can sell your bike, buy the new model, and start all over again. But wait a minute! Before you take a loss on your current bike to buy that new model, you now have another option for making your custom bike dreams come true, and for a lot less money than financing a new motorcycle.
Pick up the phone and call Kickstand at Hellraisers Fabrication in Belton, Missouri for a free consultation. Kickstand has been in the business for over 20 years and specializes in service work, stock frame modifications, one-off radical drop seat-style frames, and about any other type of custom fabrication you can think of for your Harley or metric bike. Want a custom gas tank made from scratch? No problem! Need a custom oil tank to fit your newly modified frame? Piece of cake! And where else can you go for professional tig and mig welding, even on aluminum? Hellraisers also provides aluminum case welding for motors and transmission, which is a service that is not easy to find. Hellraisers has customers all across the US, so no matter where you live, Kickstand will ship your components to you via UPS.
So why have Hellraisers Fabrication chop your stock frame and modify your bike rather than having one built from scratch or buying a factory custom? There are several great reasons, but here are a just few of the biggies that come to mind:
When it's done, you'll have that custom one-off bike you've always dreamed of.
Since you probably already own your current bike, you'll have a custom motorcycle for only a fraction of what you'd pay for a new one.
You’ll maintain your stock VIN numbers and title so you can license and insure your bike just like you always have without having to deal with all the EPA regulations they now have for bikes that are built from scratch.

After starting out years ago in a 10'x12' metal shed, reminiscent of Harley-Davidson's early years, Kickstand has perfected his art of fabrication to the point where he's ready to start marketing his own line of custom old school bolt-on motorcycle conversion kits that anyone with a little mechanical aptitude can use to convert their stock motorcycle into a custom bike. He plans to start off building custom kits for Harley-Davison Dyna models, and then expand into the Softail line and other models. The kits will include a tank, fenders, handlebars and other custom components; all for under $2,000. What a deal!
When I pulled into the parking lot at Hellraisers Fabrication I noticed several of Kickstand's previous projects that were lined up along the building in front of his shop. One of his most radical works of art is a bright orange radical chopper appropriately named 'Big Orange.' Big Orange was built around a Yamaha 650 motor, and has been Kickstand's signature bike for years. Everyone in the KC and surrounding area recognizes this bike, which draws attention everywhere it goes. Next to Big Orange sits a custom Honda 750 with extended Springer forks, a king/queen seat and a custom old school paint job with an eyeball on the tank. Next to the Honda was a custom Finley bobber sporting a Yamaha XS650 engine. If you think the iron outside is cool, wait until you check out the shop!
Walking into Hellraisers Fabrication is like entering a motorcycle museum built around a custom fabrication shop. Sitting on a lift in the middle of the shop is Kickstand's latest project, a custom 1973 Harley-Davidson Shovelhead, which he affectionately named 'Ms Karma.' This is going to be one bad-ass custom bike when it's finished. The walls of the shop are covered by so much biker history and memorabilia it's hard to focus on any one thing. Each item has a story, which Kickstand is more than happy to share if you have the time. Three of the walls are completely covered by David Mann Easyriders Magazine centerfolds and a huge metal sign that reads 'Clyde's Roadhouse.' Hellraisers Fabrication has become so well known that Jacquie Mann, David Mann's widow, even stopped by one day to check it out and share some interesting behind-the-artist stories about several of David's paintings. The other walls are covered by photos, motorcycle vests, custom motorcycle parts, and about every other type of biker paraphernalia you could imagine. Besides David Mann, Kickstand has also been influenced by the works of Billy Lane and Indian Larry and has had the privilege of working with one of Kansas City's very own custom bike builder and fabricator Frank Pedersen, the creator of the popular Frankenstein Trikes.
So when you're ready to fulfill your dreams and have your stock motorcycle transformed into a one-off custom bike stop by Hellraisers Fabrication 'Where Dreams Become Reality.'
By Mike Schweder


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