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U.S. Veterans Motorcycle and Street Rod Association

Written by  September 30, 2005

Last summer at Oklahoma Bike Week at Sparks America, I became aware of a club made up of military veterans and active duty members of America’s Armed Forces. This club unites members who share not only the common bond of military service but also the love of their special rides, both the two-wheeled and the four-wheeled kind. During the bike games at Sparks, I became acquainted with J.W. Wallace who is the President of the South Central Chapter of the U.S. Veterans Motorcycle and Street Rod Association. Members of J.W.’s Tulsa Chapter and the Van Buren, Arkansas Chapter, headed by James Sutterfield, had gathered to enjoy the rally together, and they do know how to enjoy a party. The South Central Chapter includes Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. The other regional chapters are Northwest, North Central, Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest spanning the North American continent. I was informed that the club has in excess of 12,000 members nationwide.

The U.S. Veterans Motorcycle and Street Rod Association originated in California as a veterans’ car club with four original members. In 2000, the members widened the scope of the organization to include motorcyclists. J.W. provided me with the following lists of membership requirements:

Standards for Membership:
1. Must be a veteran or actively serving in the United States Armed Forces over 180 days. Proof of veteran status is required. Suitable documentation is any of the following: Veterans Administration identification card, Military identification card and/or a Department of Defense (DD) Form 214. Discharge status must be under Honorable or General circumstances.
2. Must have a show quality motorcycle or street rod or have one under construction.
3. Must enter at least three shows a year.
4. Must prominently display U.S. Veteran T-shirt, shirt, vest, or banner at events.

Standards of Conduct:
1. Your behavior reflects not only upon yourself but also upon your fellow Association members as well. We do not tolerate behavior that presents U.S. Veterans in a poor public image.
2. We do not allow members to use, carry, manufacture, or sell illegal drugs.
3. We do not allow members to abuse women, children, animals, or other people.
4. We will not tolerate any criminal activity under the auspices of our Association.
5. We take care of our own members. Violations of the above rules will result in the member being brought before a Board of Officers for judgment.

Standards of Finance:
1. The Association collects no dues.
2. All entrance fees, food, drink, clothing, and other purchases are the responsibility of the individual member.

J.W. informed me that the association values its associate members as well. Husbands or wives of eligible veterans can become associate members. J.W. estimated that in his region the number of members showing motorcycles and those showing automobiles is roughly equal with many having both. The Tulsa Chapter currently has seven members of whom four are currently serving their country overseas. In Tulsa, they do not have regularly scheduled meeting, but get in touch by phone whenever there is a good excuse to get together to conduct club business or just to party. Chapters join to make runs to various events. For 2006, J.W. told me that Daytona and the Republic of Texas Rally are possible destinations. The association holds a national conference every ten years with the next scheduled for San Diego in 2007.

I enjoyed meeting the group from Tulsa and Van Buren and look forward to seeing them at future events. Anyone who desires additional information about this organization can make contact via an e-mail to me.

Story and photos by Stripe