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Kenta Falkered & The Hippie Chop

Written by  February 1, 2013

A while back, I received an e-mail from one of our readers in Stockholm, Sweden named Peter Ström. Peter told me about a Custom Sportster Chopper he'd built for himself, which we featured in the Readers & Their Rides section of our December 2012 issue, as well as a custom trike he'd build for his wife Febe, which we included in our January 2013 issue.

Peter was also kind enough to send me photos and information about his friend Kenta Falkered and his custom chopper, which he named The Hippie Chop. We’re pleased to feature Kenta’s bike in this month’s issue.


Everything started when I bought a fork with turkflippers from a friend at the club. It stood for 12 years against the wall waiting for the right project.

Then I came across a frame and wheels that I received in payment of a customer, and then the thinking started off making a Sportster Chopper.

Another friend of mine had a sportster engine, so now it was time to start. For some time, we had looked at older builds from the late 70s, and thought that mix a little of the new with the old style was fitting, considering that I had a lot of parts lying around.

I got started by making the fork fit the frame. It came from an old Honda chopper, so it took some cutting and welding before it was on. I then made the sissy bar in stainless, as well as the chain guard.

For the rear wheel, we used radial calipers from a newer Honda, which had its own bracket and a brake disc from the Italian OMP until we got a PM setup. OK with the brake disc from the Swedish Grand Prix.

The paint is by Bosse Jensen, who is one of Sweden’s best painters. I was within it would be green, but you can see the results for yourself. I was very surprised, but I think it was fantastic.

The bike is really good to drive, although I’ve only driven approximately 1500 Swedish mil so far.

Our MC club Arapaho MC, rides down to the Mediterranean Sea and run around at the French, Italian and Spanish Riviera, where I got on a customized Softail, which was somewhat easier to pack on. It was also more comfortable to ride around on.

By Kenta Falkered

Photos by Stefan Boman


- Owner: Kenta Falkered
- Year: 2011
- Fabrication: Kenta Falkered
- Assembly: Kenta Falkered
- Build Time: One winter
- Engine: Harley-Davidson XL 1200
- Cam: Andrews
- Ignition: Dyna 2000i
- Carb: CV
- Air Cleaner: Spike
- Pipes: Kenta Falkered
- Transmission: Harley-Davidson 4-speed
- Primary: Harley-Davidson
- Clutch: Harley-Davidson
- Frame: Calles Chopperdelar Sweden
- Rake: 42 degrees
- Stretch: 2 inchs
- Forks: Paughco
- Fork length: +16 inches
- Front wheel: 21 inch
- Rear wheel: 18 inch
- Front Tire: Avon 80/90x21
- Rear Tire: Avon 240/40x18
- Front Brake: PM ISR calipers
- Rear Brake: Honda OMP calipers
- Fuel Tank: Peanut
- Oil Tank: Ace Performance
- Handlebars: Texas
- Headlight: Hella
- Tail Light: Skull
- Hand Controls: Tolle
- Grips: Rubber
- Foot Controls: Modified Harley-Davidson
- Electrical: Kenta Falkered
- Paint: Bosse Jensen with Jensen Paint
- Color: Flake
- Seat: West Eagle

Special Thanks to Jason.