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Written by  January 29, 2017

2nd Annual Women’s Motorcycle Show - Los Angeles, California

After the success of its inaugural show, the 2nd annual Women’s Motorcycle Show was held January 14, 2017 at Lucky Wheels Garage in Los Angeles, California. Hosted by Alicia Elfving, author of the successful Moto Lady website, the show promoted the groundbreaking and creative work by women in the motorcycle industry as well as celebrate Moto Lady’s 6th Anniversary. Custom bikes built by and for women from all over California were featured.

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Iran Women Motorcycle Riders Arrested

In Iran, two women were arrested for riding a motorcycle. They were accused of committing an “ugly act” that breaks with the religious norms of the conservative Islam led nation. Women in Iran are barred from obtaining license to ride motorcycles; however, they do not ban all women.  Off-road motorcycle racer Behnaz Shafiei was among a group of women granted official permission to practice on off-road circuits in 2015. Shafiei has said she hopes to be allowed to compete in motocross competitions.