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Women on Wheels®

Written by  June 30, 2017

Women on Wheels® is a not for profit international organization founded in California in 1982. It serves women of all ages and riding skills. They welcome all motorcycles and scooters as well as male and child supporters. Seeking to promote a positive image of motorcycling, in 1993, they received the Hazel Kolb Brighter Image Award by the American Motorcyclist Association.

The goals of Women on Wheels include promoting a positive image of women motorcyclists through educating the media and general public and challenging the false stereotypes commonly put forth. The organization seeks to “encourage further developments within the motorcycle industry to meet women’s needs for equipment, clothing and accessories, assist the motorcycling community and the public at large in becoming aware that women are serious motorcyclists and enhance the sheer enjoyment of motorcycling, and encourage women by showing them they have limitless potential and can accomplish any goal or dream”.

This July 4-6, 2007, Women on Wheels will have their 31st Annual International Ride-In in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Each year the location is changed. Registration is $50 with an additional $35 charge to attend their banquet, and additional charges for family members. Enjoy dealer sponsored rides and events, group rides to local scenic areas, along with dynamic speakers, seminars and local and national vendors.

Women on Wheels partners with motorcycle dealers so that every woman rider gets the proper motorcycle, gear, guidance and support. Dealers are currently located in nine states: California, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Please visit the Woman on Wheels website for more information.

Annual membership to Women on Wheels starts at only $40 and includes discounts to some motorcycle organizations and vendors, a subscription to their bi-monthly magazine, and more!