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Meditations from the Passenger Seat

Written by  May 29, 2015

I close my eyes. The hum of the engine soothes me like a song. The energy and power become part of me, relaxing my body and calming my mind as I breathe in.

There is nowhere to focus and everywhere to look. The clear blue sky, bright and crisp is a pure backdrop for cloud pictures that inspire my thoughts. I see whatever is meant for me to see. For me there is no need to look behind. I am completely disconnected from the world and completely connected with the true nature of my Spirit.

The road, like life, is sometimes very straight and purposeful and sometimes winding and adventurous. The view from side to side is whatever I wish to see. Today, I see rows and rows of cornfields taking me back home. Getting lost in the memories of small town childhood. Birds zipping along side us as we roll through the back roads. I am free!

Jeannine Becerra

Jeannine has been riding on the back of a motorcycle for 35 years with her Dad and now her husband Tony.  She is a Certified Yoga Teacher specializing in therapeutic yoga and meditation to relieve stress and chronic pain. An aspiring author, Jeannine finds great peace on the back of her and Tony's Roadking spending time in nature and hopes to connect with other riders through these short visual meditations.