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Welcome to the Pig-Glow Products Detailing Tutorial

Written by  June 30, 2007

Please keep in mind that the processes outlined in this tutorial apply only to our products and the application thereof. We will, on occasion, point out the extra detailing steps required by products from other manufacturers. We may point out the potential shortcomings that other products could cause to cycle or accessories, and the danger that improper use of other products can pose to the rider or the detailer.
We will not mention other competitors, but simply indicate the potential hazards due to slick and synthetic compounds, breathing of noxious fumes, increasing magnification of UV rays with shiny synthetics, lack of static protection against galvanic charges that cause pitting of chrome and other metals and the degradation of motorcycle parts that should not come in contact with harsh compounds present in other products.

Pig-Glow Company Overview
Pig-Glow is manufactured in Kansas City, Missouri with offices in Missouri, Kansas, and Florida. Our dealer network is primarily focused on “American Metal” and serves Kansas, Florida, Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and is growing rapidly.
This year we have supported numerous local charities such as Breast Friends for Life®, Muscular Dystrophy, The Salvation Army®, and the American Cancer Society®.

Our distribution channel is primarily Harley-Davidson Dealers®, but also includes Thunder Mountain®, Bigdog®, and American Ironhorse®.
Our development team includes a group that has 50 years of polymer chemistry collectively, 25 years of detailing experience, and 45 years of sales and service experience.

We are engaged weekly, via Pete Grahn (Detailer), in the rehab and refurbishment of trade-in cycles for Harley-Davidson® dealers and preparing show cycles. Check out our photo portfolio below. We have detailed up to 52 show bikes in a year with well over 40 1st place trophies using Pig-Glow products.
We have a secondary business, mobile detailing, where we do individual bikes at fixed times and dates or on a flexible schedule for occasional customers.

Pig-Glow Products
Pig-Glow products, with the exception of Aluma-Glo, are all water based and environmentally safe. Our product are safe to the touch, have no noxious fumes (as a matter of fact, we even add fragrance to the emulsions), and do not contain silicones that may cause slippage in wet conditions. Our products (once again, except Aluma-Glo) can overlap unintended materials and finishes quite safely (Quick Detail won’t harm leather, etc.).

Our compound for Denim® paint is not released, but we are researching the application of existing and new products through ongoing development work.

Did we mention that all Pig-Glow products are water based? That means environmentally friendly or biodegradable. Our biodegradable products break down to natural compounds when mixed with the water stream. No need to feel guilt about run-off or worry about the EPA at an outdoor wash.

Teflo is a component of ProPolish, Quick Detail, and Motor, Jugs, & Wheels products. To understand what Teflo does imagine cooking an omelet in a non-stick skillet and sliding it out and onto your plate. That is non-stick/non-fingerprinting protection and grime repelling quality our products impart to your cycle.

Washing Verses Detailing
Washing a vehicle and detailing a vehicle are two different processes. Many product lines require disparate products for each process and some even require 2-3 products for tires and wheels or other components. Our Pig-Glow products require fewer items in your collection and also bridge the processes of washing and detailing. This safe overlapping of compounds is the difference that gives Pig-Glow a great edge in speed and efficiency of protecting your investment.
The performance of the products we manufacture is why we have consistently been asked to provide custom detailing for such popular bike showcases as Wide-Open, World of Wheels, and EasyRiders. Pig-Glow products are also more versatile than those of our competitors. (Many require the use of two or three compounds to do the same job Pig-Glow does with one.) Our products contain a UV filter to protect from sun damage and oxidation and a static guard to prevent galvanic attraction of particles that cause pitting and rusting of metal surfaces. Our Leather Luster product has mink oil in addition to the UV and static protection.

Pig-Glow significantly reduces the time to detail a cycle and reduces the total cost of product required for a more efficient process in time and cost regardless of who details your cycle.

Pig-Glow products go on easy and come off easy, even at extreme temperatures. Look at the labels of our competitors and most will recommend letting the cycle cool to avoid inhalation of fumes, and suggest not riding without complete removal of the product from tires. Overspray between products from other companies can damage finishes…read the labels. Other products will damage the battery box and/or cables. Our products are safe for all surfaces (except for Aluma-Glo, which should only be used on metal surfaces). Pig-Glow significantly reduces the time required to detail a cycle and reduces the total cost of detailing products.

To beat a dead pig, a key difference is that Pig-Glow, being water based, can be used on a “Hot cycle.” We have applied Pig-Glow after measuring temperatures up to 142 degrees with an infrared sensor with no resulting milky residue, no gumminess, and no cross-linking (a process that causes compounds to form a hard, marring surface on your cycle). Once again, read your label as most products require a “cooling period” for your cycle (not true with Pig-Glow).

A Wash With Pig-Glow
With Pig-Glow, the wash process is simple. Spray Motor, Jugs, & Wheels on your flat surfaces, jugs, primaries, tires, and wheels, then go have a smoke or a cold one (take a 5-minute break).
Dilute 1 oz. Wash & Go with Quick Detail, and then blow or wipe the bike dry.

Quick Detail is an ideal surface treatment for Plexiglas® and Lexan® because the polymer in the product is the same chemical compound(s), and results in water repellency without the undesirable effects caused by silicone-based products.

The Detailing Process
For the purpose of this article we assume the vehicle has been washed (removing all particulate matter that might scratch the finish).

1) Before you start detailing, remove jewelry, chains, knives, piercings, etc. (If it is a bikini wash, clothes are optional.)

2) Set up a comfortable workspace wherever you like, for with Pig-Glow products, temperature and direct sunlight are not concerns.

3) A bench can be used in conjunction with a motorcycle lift, but the lift is a luxury for most people. Pig-Glow has a vendor with a very inexpensive lift capable of supporting 1,500 pounds. (Plenty of torque and holding power for the heaviest recreational or show cycles).

4) Check the metal surfaces on your bike (such as pipes, etc.) for discoloration, particularly rust and “bronzing.” Aluma-Glo contains a strong solvent that can bring chrome back to the surface. Check the metal for discoloration, rust, and bronzing of the pipes. Use it carefully, and apply it first. There are numerous tools that can be used to apply the product. A toothbrush being the simplest and least expensive applicator (most people have one, but I think I have seen a few that don’t), and a rotary buffer is the other extreme. Once the chain and fine metal detail is restored we remove any excess Aluma-Glo.

5) The pre-washed cycle is now ready to receive an application of Motor, Jugs, and Wheels. Spray the product liberally onto the jugs, inner primaries, outer primaries, wheels, and any rubber on your pegs and tires. Leave the product on while you once again take a short break. This product really penetrates given a little time!

6) It will not leave a shiny surface, but will bring the black back to the surface and protect the wheels from pitting. Don’t rinse it off. It will not leave a shiny, slick surface…so have no fear of driving off without removing the product. It will leave a rich, black surface reminiscent of “New”. Remember”…silicone may be good for the girls, but it is accelerated death for the surfaces of your cycle.

The product does not leave a shiny surface, but will bring the black back to rubber surfaces and protect the wheels from pitting. Don’t rinse it off! It will not leave a shiny, slick surface…so have no fear of driving off without removing the product. It will leave a rich, black surface reminiscent of “new.” Remember…silicone may be good for the girls, but it is accelerated death for the surfaces of your cycle.

7) Finish your beverage, your break, or your smoke.

Wipe off any pooled Motor, Jugs, and Wheels, though you typically don’t need to totally wipe down the surfaces.

Now for the easy part, give the bike a quick rinse where the Motor, Jugs, & Wheels was applied and the dirt will run off like Tammy Faye’s makeup on a hot day in the south.

8) Spray Leather Luster directly on a Pig-Glow Microfiber Towel and hit your leather surfaces. The product is even safe for exotic leathers such as ostrich. Massage the product in, removing all excess from the surface. It is designed to penetrate and protect, without producing a phony-looking shine or an unsafe slick surface. (The safety benefit is that you’ll never go one direction while the bike takes an alternate route.) Leather Luster provides UV and static protection, plus a mink oil conditioner for long leather life and thus protection of your prized investment.

9) For the next step, use a microfiber towel to apply Quick Detail, starting from the high point of the cycle (mirrors, bars and forks), and working your way down from there. No need to let the product “haze.” Just apply it and keep moving. Our products do not require you to apply in “sections,” as many other detailing compounds suggest. Once again, Pig-Glow provides greater efficiency.

10) Dry your cycle (wipe, air, or speed…within legal limits of course). Clean up your work area and saddle up! You are done!

We are located on the web at and Todd Miller, our National Sales Manager, can be reached at (913) 638-1602.

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