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Benefit for Joey Garner Family at Gintown Lowlife Society- Alabama

Written by  September 1, 2018

  On July 28th, 2018, The Gintown Lowlife Society hosted a fundraiser event for the family of Joey Garner.

Joey is a 34-year-old husband and father of 3 handsome boys, and has suffered 2 major heart attacks and has had many other complications and find themselves in need of a little love and support from their friends at this time!

  He is a truck driver and his beautiful wife works as well, however, with so much going on they are not able to keep up with their living expenses. He has had a long road to recovery and it has taking a lot out of them.

  Joey underwent another open heart surgery the day before this event so they were unable to attend the event, and it is apparent that he will never be able to work again in the future.

  On this day, Gintown was selling Rib & Butt plates with all the "fixins" and desert. They also had plates to go for those folks on the run!

  Ms Christin, donated her time to do a Bikini Bike Wash, which everyone enjoyed, even if they didn't get a bike washed! They also enjoyed getting a picture of her with their bikes!

  While we were enjoying the awesome food and company, the band "Twisted Lizard" was busy cranking out some pretty awesome tunes to entertain us.

  We're pretty sure everyone left there full, and some on cleaner bikes than what they rode up on, and our hopes are that enough money was raised to help the family out, every little bit helps I'm sure, and is very much appreciated.

  Our thoughts and prayers remain with Joey and his family and we wish them all the best in the future!