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2018-Eldridge Toy Run

Written by  December 31, 2018

Way back in 1897, Eldridge Baptist Academy was born, by 1948 it became the Eldridge Children's Home in order to provide refuge to children in need of a safe, secure, loving place to live.

  In 2003, Johnny Northington had a vision and with the leadership of Phil Frye, they began an annual benefit for the home that would include motorcycle and antique car enthusiasts who also were interested in supporting this ministry in the form of a "Toy Run" that would take place on the first Saturday of December.


  Since 2010, the Gintown Lowlife Society has gotten together a group to ride out and meet up with an even larger group in Jasper for a 30-minute police escort to the home.

  On Saturday, December the 1st, the Lowlife's gathered together for breakfast before mounting up and hitting the road to meet up with another group. There are groups from all over the state, and from the near by states as well that come together for this event, making a huge group of motorcycles and cars that roll in to the home, much to the excitement of all the kids who live at the home. 

  Gintown is NOT really made up of a bunch of lowlifes as you can tell, it's a group of some of the best folks you'll ever run across, a bunch of "Ride or Die" folks that are there for anyone in need, most especially, a child!

  This was a wet and dreary Saturday for a motorcycle ride, but that didn't do much for deterring most of these big hearted riders who have joyfully made this a “don't miss" annual event, all in the effort of lending their support, financial aid and awareness of this wonderful home that receives no support from the state or any federal monies. Most of the support comes from the home-based church with many other churches, civil groups and volunteers who lend a hand in both services and financial support.

This is not your typical Toy Run, as they do suggest cash and check donations to help sustain the home throughout the year. They do however present gifts to all of the children from their own Christmas "wish list's".

Riders from the entire Southeast travel to do this Toy Run, hence their catch fraise -"The first Saturday in December-all roads lead to Eldridge.

  This is a Rain or Shine event, Hot or Cold, they ride for the kids. 

 Taking the riders to the home, gives them the chance to see where and how their donations are used.

  Even with the rain, the Eldridge Toy Run brought a nice large crowd of around 100 bikes to the Free Will Baptist Children's Home, where more than 30 cheering, happy kids were waiting to greet them.

  They always lay out a big spread of food to feed everyone, then the big guy his self (Santa) stops by to give each one of the children a Christmas present. This is where the warm and fuzzy comes in for us!

As of noon that Saturday, they had raised over $60,000 and that figure kept rising, headed towards their usual $100,000 or more raised each year. You too can donate, on PayPal or mail to P.O. Box 73, Eldridge, Al. 35554 

  If you come join this ride, we guarantee you will leave with a warm heart for your ride home! 

Footnote: After the Toy Run, the "Lowlifes" headed back to the house for chili and Christmas decorating, where everyone joined in!