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One Eighty Church Ride- Springville, Alabama… Written by: “Fuzzy"

Written by  February 1, 2019

Well it’s been 8 years since I've been on a bike. Way to long. But Dec 29, finally, I was able to get another bike and get back to riding once again.


  One Eighty church in Springville Al (where I attend) and our Pinson campus, has its share of riders, so what better group to get started back riding with.

On Sunday Jan 6, after service we left the Springville campus and headed to the Pinson campus to pick up a few more riders and hit the back roads for an hour long, scenic ride to "Bama Bucks" in Sardus city.

   This is a great place to eat and see exotic animals roam around while you eat. There was Buffalo, Elk, Fowler Deer, Bear and they even had a Camel and a Bull that you could ride, if you were that adventurous.

The food and service there was top notch.

After the great food and fellowship we hit the road again for home. It was a perfect day for a ride and as always, it was a great day to fellowship with friends.

At the end of the day; there were around 12 bikes and 26 riders and about 125 miles of freedom.

 I had forgot how much the riding community meant to me, and the fun you could have riding.

  Hopefully I will be bringing you more stories of great rides in 2019.

Keep riding towards the Cross.