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2020 Fall Thunder Beach Rally

Written by  November 1, 2020

Well the Spring Thunder Beach Rally in Panama City Beach, Florida was canceled due to the Covid-19, as was most everything, but people were holding out hope that the Fall Rally would indeed take place, being so many months down the road, but as the time grew nearer word came out that it too would not take place as the city was denying permits. People were very upset because the hotels were not doing refunds on the rooms that had already been booked, even though what they had been booked for was canceled, so those people were planning on going down anyway and who could blame them. Then just weeks out, that decision was reversed but by then there wasn't enough time to get all of the venues in place and several of the vendors had made other arrangements.


  However, on October the 21st they kicked off the Fall Thunder Beach Rally; bikers had already started to roll in and what venues and venders they did have, were set in place. They still managed to get off a lot of the regular events, like the Miss Thunder Beach contest. Several of the usual bands came out to play, like "Buck Wild" and many of the traditional hangouts were open and drawing people in. For the most part, things were back to normal, which is something we're all in much need of by now.

  Everything wasn't all smooth sailing though, as they did have to contend with rain here and there and Saturday was pretty much a wash out and some left out a little earlier Sunday morning than they normally would have.

  There were also several wrecks reported, some with minor injuries, some were worse and at least one of them, where a couple were hit by a car and the female passenger did not survive. We never like to hear of ANY wrecks much less ones that take a life. If the people in cars would only pay attention!!! Our thoughts and prayers go out to ALL of them.

We would like to thank the several contributing photographers that were out there getting around to experience the different cool things that were going on and snapping some pretty cool pictures in the process to share.

Cindy Marsh, who always seems to find the really cute butts and bands to shoot.

Diana Davis who shared some beautiful beach shots.

Will Peek who of course, would find some really wicked bikes to shoot and share.

And Denise Creamer Findley, who just simply shared the fact that she was one hot mama riding down the beach.

And in one of the pictures, one of the guys was sharing the fact that the Rally had the "Corona" :-) .....with lime!!!!2020 fall thunder beach 1a2020 fall thunder beach 1b2020 fall thunder beach 22020 fall thunder beach 32020 fall thunder beach 42020 fall thunder beach 52020 fall thunder beach 62020 fall thunder beach 72020 fall thunder beach 82020 fall thunder beach 92020 fall thunder beach 102020 fall thunder beach 112020 fall thunder beach 122020 fall thunder beach 132020 fall thunder beach 142020 fall thunder beach 152020 fall thunder beach 162020 fall thunder beach 172020 fall thunder beach 182020 fall thunder beach 192020 fall thunder beach 202020 fall thunder beach 212020 fall thunder beach 222020 fall thunder beach 232020 fall thunder beach 24