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Eldridge House Toy Run : Pictures Courtsy of: John McDonald-Article:Christin Elders

Written by  Christin Elders January 9, 2021

With hundred's of vehicles in attendance, and many who collect donations throughout the year, there was over raised $107,000.00 this year.

  Many groups (cars & motorcycles) gathered from all around the state of Alabama to ride to the Eldridge House. The Gintown Lowlife Society are one of those groups who gather money throughout the year and make a day of this ride, starting with breakfast at the clubhouse. The Misfits MC also started their day off with a run to the Eldridge House then proceeded on to the official opening of their NEW Clubhouse with a party proceeded on to the official opening of their NEW Clubhouse with a party!

Below is an article from one of the "Lowlifes" Christin Elders:


“Gintown Lowlife Society Family’s 10th Year Run for The Eldridge Children's Home and let us tell y’all it was a really great day, there were so many bikes it was just an impressive experience. As always...There was a lot of love and support there. The place was full of generous and happy givers.

   The kids loved it. They played outside and we all had food and drinks under tents. Santa was there as its one of his usual stops. Us Lowlifes really enjoy spending time with these precious kiddos and getting to know each one. Each year is a different but amazing experience... It will always be our main Run as this is what our beloved Mayor dreamed of when founding Gintown.

He had a dream and we continue to live his dream for the kids. Always has been about and for them. In his memory... Just some like-minded Lowlifes living a dream and giving a hand up, 10yrs and counting... Thank you all who help support us and our members who support one another in making dreams come true.

We'd like to announce Gintown Lowlife Society Family will be moving our home back to Graysville where Gintown was originally founded... Phillip "Mayor" Jones is looking down on us and smiling BIG... I know he'd be so proud of us continuing his dream. So look out for our Grand Opening!!!

   I want to personally thank my other council members, brother Tommy "TomCat" Manasco and sister Patrice "Lucky" Yancey for helping make a dream continue on for these precious children and also like to thank our former council members which if wasn't for them Id never got this far with a wonderfully chosen family, 8yrs and counting who just so happens to be my precious loving mother Cheryl Elders Martin and Stepdad Bird Martin who has been there from the start along with some pretty grand Original members who still are true to the man who started our wonderful family till this day... Happy New Year from GLSF and may God continue to bless us all...

Now it’s on to 11yrs of support for this precious home for children. Much Love and Respect~Chris”2020 Eldridge Toiy Run 12020 Eldridge Toiy Run 22020 Eldridge Toiy Run 32020 Eldridge Toiy Run 42020 Eldridge Toiy Run 52020 Eldridge Toiy Run 62020 Eldridge Toiy Run 72020 Eldridge Toiy Run 82020 Eldridge Toiy Run 92020 Eldridge Toiy Run 102020 Eldridge Toiy Run 112020 Eldridge Toiy Run 122020 Eldridge Toiy Run 132020 Eldridge Toiy Run 142020 Eldridge Toiy Run 152020 Eldridge Toiy Run 162020 Eldridge Toiy Run 172020 Eldridge Toiy Run 182020 Eldridge Toiy Run 202020 Eldridge Toy Run 212020 Eldridge Toy Run 222020 Eldridge Toy Run 232020 Eldridge Toy Run 242020 Eldridge Toy Run 252020 Eldridge Toy Run 262020 Eldridge Toy Run 272020 Eldridge Toy Run 282020 Eldridge Toy Run 292020 Eldridge Toy Run 302020 Eldridge Toy Run 312020 Eldridge Toy Run 322020 Eldridge Toy Run 332020 Eldridge Toy Run 34