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2021 Thunder Beach Spring Rally

Written by  June 1, 2021


  On April, 28th 2021, as further signs of the country slowly getting back to some kind of normalcy, the Spring Thunder Beach rally kicked off in Panama City Beach Florida after being put on hold last year due to Covid. April 28th was the official start date however; many of the bikers were already rolling in to town early in the week to get things started.  For the most part, rally goers experienced beautiful weather, aside from a few brief showers early on, which didn't dampen anyone's spirits about being back at the beach.


  Panama City Beach experienced a wave of motorcycles and tourists like they haven't seen in a long time; businesses were booming for many all up and down the beach, most especially, the Harley shop. "We broke records on Friday, at about 11:30, we had already broken our records for the entire month, everything else was just a cherry on top", said Harley-Davidson Group Marketing Director, Maggie Baldwin. Baldwin also said the business saw its largest crowd since 2016. It didn't hurt that the Harley shop was also giving away a new motorcycle, a 2021 Iron 883.

  Joe Biggs, president of Thunder Beach Productions said: " Bikers have been cooped up and ready to get on the road, although there was a Fall Rally, they were excited to have the Spring Rally back for the 23rd year after taking a break last year. It's an economic boost for the beach, filling restaurants, hotels etc." Due to Covid-19, they were encouraging masks but were not mandatory. They also had mask's available and had hand washing stations set up throughout the venues, which were all back up and running, as apposed to the Fall rally when they weren't at 100%. People are just excited to have the event back bigger and better than ever. Biggs invited folks to come, eat, drink and be merry and safe and don't be stupid!

  Randy Thomas, owner of Randy's Cycle Shack was excited about getting back on the road, said they saw off the charts crowds earlier this year, with a lot of folks rolling in the weekend before.

  The strip was bumper to bumper like it has been in years past. 

   Sharky's, Boardwalk Beach Resort and Frank Brown Park were back as the official merchandise sites and venues along with the other usual venues like, Lucky 13 (where our friend, Michael Swann, one the best artists around sets up and stays covered up with things to add his artistry to), Pier Park, the Indian Shop, Shuckums and Hammerhead Fred's who hosted the Miss Thunder Beach Contest. 

There were a few altercations at some of the intersections and an accident at the entrance to Frank Brown Park that brought in the helicopter air lift; looked like a car turned in front of two motorcycles and Florida Highway Patrol were investigating a motorcycle-pedestrian hit and run on Thomas Drive on Thursday night, and a shooting at the arcade. The Florida Highway patrol were focusing on motorcycle safety as there were 8,583 motorcycle crashes and 510 fatalities in 2020, but thankfully for this rally anyway, we didn't hear of any fatalities. 

***Contributing Photographers:

Cindy Marsh

Frank Pate

Diana Davis

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