Cover Models

Cover Models

Behind the Scenes with Amber

May 31, 2006
Amber is from Grain Valley, Missouri and is a decoration specialist for a corporate sports apparel company. Her ambitions include finishing college, continuing to work in the advertising specialties industry, do more modeling jobs and succeed at everything she does!Her hobbies include exercising, taking care of her animals and spending time with her man. She also enjoys hanging out with her girlfriends, dancing and has been known to drink and be merry! She also likes to spend time at the lake with friends, road tripping and shopping. Amber loves all types of music and the CD that is currently in…

Behind the Scenes with Apryll Skye

April 30, 2006
Apryll is our May 2006 cover model from Columbia, Missouri. She is a professional model and marketing representative. Her ambitions are to expand her mind, become a successful person and to enjoy the ride!Apryll enjoys boating, modeling and hanging with her man. Turn-ons include athleticism, a sense of humor, intelligence and nice muscles. She loves all types of music to put her in the mood, including Gwen Stefani, Black-Eyed Peas, Madonna, Kid Rock, Nickelback and Most Country Gold. Turn offs include narcissism, rudeness, bad breath and B.O.Apryll is also a movie buff, who loves romantic comedies, scary movies and thrillers…

Behind the Scenes with Amanda Macy

March 31, 2006
This month's cover model is Amanda Macy from Kansas City, Missouri. Amanda is a motorcycle drag racer and model, whose goal is to become an NHRA Pro Stock motorcycle drag racer. Amanda's thirst for drag racing started at Kansas City International Raceway (KCIR) where she was invited to 'just come out and have fun.' Riding her 2000 Harley-Davidson Softail Deuce with a 95 cubic inch motor and 110 horsepower, after only three short weeks, Amanda broke into the 11-second range at over 110 miles per hour. Amanda's need for speed led to the purchase of her next bike, a 2003…

Behind the Scenes with Amy

February 28, 2006
Our March 2006 cover model is Amy from Kansas City, Missouri. She is a professional model and her ambition is to live life. When asked about hobbies, Amy said her only hobby is to have fun! For Amy, turn-ons include a short mustache, a cowboy hat, belt buckle and tight jeans. She also likes the look of a guy in a wife beater. Hold on…before someone runs off and calls 911, the wife beater she is referring to is sleeveless T-shirt. On the other hand, Amy says one of her big turnoffs is a cute outfit with bad or old…

Behind the Scenes with Rachael

January 31, 2006
Our February 2006 cover model is Rachael from Kansas City, Missouri. She loves motorcycles and is a Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) member. Her hobbies include drawing, scrap booking and flirting. I’m not sure flirting is a hobby, but hey…if it’s something you enjoy, I say go for it! Rachael loves corn dogs and finds sweet and thoughtful people a real turn-on. She enjoys having her ears kissed and is a sucker for a good back massage. Turnoffs include liars, showoffs and people who don’t take care of themselves. When asked about her ambitions, we expected something glamorous, such as a…

Behind the Scenes with Loretta

December 31, 2005
Meet Loretta, our January 2006 cover model. She is from Kansas City, Kansas and is a professional model. When Loretta is not modeling she enjoys watching movies, going to UFC fights and WWE wrestling. Loretta's turn-ons include sincerity, romance, affection, respect and a fit man. She's a sucker for genuine romance and is turned off by rudeness, poor manners and lines at bars. Loretta describes her personality as feisty, entertaining, funny, energetic & thoughtful.Loretta loves motorcycles and told us about her most memorable riding experience, came at a very early age. 'When I was about five years old I went…

Behind the Scenes With Lorie

November 30, 2005
Our December 2005 cover model is Lorie from Raymore, Missouri. She is a model and also does promotions. Along with motorcycling, her hobbies include shopping and boating. Lorie’s turn-ons include hot cars and motorcycles and she finds rude and cocky people to be a real turnoff. She describes her personality as fun and outgoing.Lorie is dressed in a sexy Ms. Santa outfit we picked up at Priscilla’s in Blue Springs, Missouri. If you’ve been really bad this year you may receive a visit from Lorie on Christmas Eve instead of the old fat man in the red suit!Photos by Mike…

Behind the Scenes with Maria

October 31, 2005
Maria is from Lee’s Summit, Missouri. She is a cocktail waitress and a very busy mother of three. Her ambitions are to be happy and successful. She enjoys club hopping with girlfriends, dancing and long bubble baths. Turn-Ons include a good sense of humor and nice abs is always a plus. She’s a sucker for a sincere smile, but cockiness is a major turnoff. She describes her personality as fun and outgoing…sometimes a little too much! She has a tattoo on her right front hip, and being very proud of her heritage; her favorite tattoo is the South Korean flag…

Behind the Scenes with Rebecca

October 31, 2005
Rebecca is an OB Scrub Tech and her ambition is to become a speech and language pathologist.She loves to swim and a turn-on for her is men who wear cologne. She has a tattoo on her lower back, which is made up of five stars. Photos by Mike Schweder

Behind the Scenes with Rhonda

October 31, 2005
Rhonda is from Blue Springs, Missouri. She is a social worker and her ambitions are to get her Masters Degree and become a school counselor. She enjoys shopping and one of her turn-ons is a guy who opens the door. She’s a sucker for a great sense of humor and chocolate. Smoking is a big turn-off. She describes her personality as funny, smart ass and honest. She has a tattoo on her ankle, back and hip. She likes the tattoo on her hip the most because it’s sexy! Photos by Mike Schweder and Stripe

Behind the Scenes with Tara

October 31, 2005
Tara is from Blue Springs, Missouri. She is a bartender and loves to spend time with her husband and children. She also enjoys hanging out with friends. Turn-Ons include a nice smile and pretty eyes. Turnoffs are bad attitudes and arrogance. She describes her personality as outgoing and friendly. She doesn’t have any tattoos because she doesn’t like needles. Ouch! Photos by Mike Schweder and Stripe

Behind the Scenes with Ginny

September 30, 2005
Our October 2005 cover model is Ginny from Kansas City, Missouri. I was first introduced to Ginny by Tim Champagne, one of our Marketing Specialists. Tim brought Ginny to the Hawg Wyld Cycles 5th Annual Birthday Bash, Block Party and BBQ Contest in Lee's Summit, Missouri, and when one of our models called and said that she was unable to make it, I handed Ginny a Cycle Connections T-shirt and turned her loose.She was an instant hit with our readers who stopped by the booth to say hi and several of them asked when they could expect to see Ginny…

Behind the Scenes with Rhonda

August 31, 2005
People say it’s a small world, and I can attest to that! As a matter of fact, this small world played a big part in how I met Rhonda, our September cover model. During this year’s trip to Sturgis, I decided to camp out with some of my riding buddies at a little out-of-the-way place in the Black Hills National Forest called Nemo’s Guest Ranch. Nemo sits at a crossroad about halfway between Sturgis, Deadwood and Rapid City. One morning while finishing breakfast at this little makeshift restaurant/office/general store that is within walking distance of our camp, I noticed this…

Behind the Scenes with Lexie

July 31, 2005
Our August cover model is Lexie from St. Joseph, Missouri. She enjoys working with animals and is currently finishing up her Bachelor's degree of Psychology. Her hobies include riding motorcycles, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, dancing, hanging out with her boyfriend Boogie Marshall and his daughter, Madison and listening to music. CC: Do you ride? Lexie: Yes, I am a new rider. I just recently passed the motorcycle safety course offered through Hillyard Technical Center. My boyfriend Boog is also helping me learn how to ride. CC: What kind of bike do you ride? Lexie: I have a 1987 Harley-Davidson 883…

Behind the Scenes with April 2005 Cover Girl, Brandy

March 31, 2005
Our April cover model is Brandy from Parkville, Missouri. She is a Prevention Education Manager and her hobbies include running, reading, volunteering and working outside. When we asked Brandy if she rides, she said that she sometimes rides four-wheelers and dirt bikes. She has been riding since the age of six, but doesn’t currently own her own bike. We asked her about her first bike, and she said, “I think it was a Yamaha, but I was too young to care or remember, as long as I got to ride.” She said that her family has owned too many bikes…

March Cover Page Interview with Lauren

February 28, 2005
This month’s cover girl is the beautiful Lauren White from Lee’s Summit, Missouri

February Cover Page Interview with Angie

January 31, 2005
This month’s cover girl is Angie from Belton, Missouri.

January Cover Page Interview with Megan

December 31, 2004
This is the second month in a row that Megan has graced the cover of our magazine. You may have recognized her from our December cover page, where Megan was one of the eight Cycle Connections girls who posed on the Anaconda with Santa and Ms Claus. I guess we must really like her, because this month she has the cover all to herself!