Safe Riding

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month (May 2015)

Written by  April 30, 2015

May is, as we all should know, “Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.” In my mind, every month should be “motorcycle safety awareness month,” but one official month is better than none.

Here is my own little awareness tip: If you are in a car and making a left turn, stop. If you see a motorcycle coming, just wait patiently for it to pass. Bikes will appear to be going slower than they really are, and left turn crashes are the number one reason for car and bike accidents. But if you are in a hurry and make that stupid move, that crash was no accident because it could have been so easily avoided.

Stop. Wait. Look again. Nothing is so important that it’s worth risking a life. Ladies, share this tip with as many as you can. Drill it into them. Stop. Wait. Look again.

When riding, look for left turners. If a car is sitting on the side street, don’t speed up! If anything, slow down and be sure to be in the center of your lane. Don’t hug the curb. The driver will not see you there.