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Motorcycling News

"Where's Walter?" The Last Known Harley-Davidson Forecar on Tour

August 1, 2014
SLINGER, WIS. (July 28, 2014) - The last known Harley-Davidson Forecar in existence, affectionately named "Walter," is on tour making impromptu appearances in his birthplace of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  This very rare 1913 motorcycle has been delighting motorcycle enthusiasts with its arrivals at motorcycle events and generating the question from fans of "Where's Walter?" and "where will he turn up next?"

Petition to get Bill Van Tichelt into the AMA Hall of Fame

July 1, 2014
Bill Van Tichelt, with VanTech Engineering, is a pioneer in the go-kart and motorcycle worlds. His designs and inventions revolutionized the go-kart and motorcycle racing industries.

LAPD Tries Zero MMX Electric Patrol Motorcycles

June 23, 2014
Zero Motorcycles announced that LAPD has purchased three of their special ops electrical motorcycles to patrol the remote areas. Virtually silent, the Zero MMX delivers 54 HP and 68 ft-lb of instant torque, which is plenty for a bike that weighs mere 276 pounds, taking it from 0 to 60 in under 5 seconds. The off-road form factor combined with the electric powertrain make this bike extremely capable in remote areas and allow it to forge water up to 3.2 feet deep.  With a top speed of 85 mph, this motorcycle can go around two hours before needing a re-charge.…

New Bikes

May 29, 2014
Harley-Davidson Street 750If you’re looking for a new bike, as in really new, Harley-Davidson has introduced its first truly new model in 13 years, the Street 750 and 500 models. For the US market, the bikes are built in Harley’s Kansas City plant. Marketed as a “first bike,” the Street is powered by an all-new liquid-cooled 60-degree V-twin with chain-driven single overhead camshafts that operate four valves per cylinder. This keeps the seat and center of gravity low, it weighs only 480 lbs with a full tank of gas, and is said to have more suspension travel than the Sportster.

Random Tidbits

March 10, 2014
Coming soon to a theatre or motorcycle dealer near you, Why We Ride is a documentary about the passion of motorcycling. Its synopsis states that is a story about “individuals with a desire to dream, discover and explore. It’s a story about the journey, not the destination. Motorcycles represent the milestones of our lives.
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