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Ride For The Fallen 7- "Jarheads" Ed "Taz" Corr, Jo-Ann Corr, Michael "Fritz" Ferazzi, Albert "Woody" Mazza, Desma Oaks, Daniel "Danny Boy" Pereira, Aaron "Stitches" Perry

Written by  August 1, 2019

  I know we are never promised tomorrow, but when 7 bikers set out on June 21st, headed to a charity event, I'm sure that there was no one who ever dreamed that they would not only not make it to the event but not make it back home that day.

  On June 21st, a group of motorcyclists, who were members, wives or supporters of the "Jarheads" MC (for honorably discharged corpsmen) from New England, headed out to a charity event, traveling west on route 2 in Randolph, New Hampshire had their ride & their lives cut short in a tragic, senseless accident as a pickup truck hauling a flatbed trailer crossed over into their lane from the opposite direction, and slammed into the group killing 7 of them.


  The 23 year old driver of the truck, Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, pleaded NOT GUITY to the 7 charges of negligent homicide and remains behind bars.

  Connecticut officials twice alerted Massachusetts about a drunken driving arrest against Zhukovskyy back in May, which should have resulted in Zhukovskyy having his commercial drivers license terminated. Despite the alerts, Massachusetts failed to suspend his license, leaving him free to continue to drive under-the-influence creating a danger for everyone around him.

  Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts said he's drafting legislation to make the state's commercial driver requirements more stringent. The state is also bringing in an outside firm to audit the motor vehicles registry.

  In the mean time, 7 people lost their lives due to the fact that they filed away their paperwork and didn't do their jobs. Due to their negligence, these 7 people tragically lost their lives; he should have never been allowed back out on the roads.  

   On July the 6th, thousands of bikers from as far as Louisiana and Arizona gathered at a biker bar, the "Broken Spoke" in Laconia, and traveled north to end up at Route 2 in Randolph near the motel where the victims stayed before the accident before being police escorted for the entire length of the ride as they rode in for an event outside of the Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, to pay their respects to the 7 who were killed on June 21st.

  One of the organizers of the event, Charlie Lord, was quoted after the event saying, “This whole thing started from a suggestion to get a few of my friends together so we could go and pay our respects to these fellow riders who were doing what they loved; helping others and riding. I had heard the rumors of the numbers but I am a skeptic at times....I figured a few hundred ... then I showed up at the "Spoke". Someone posted "this stuff doesn't happen to me"...but it was happening... The outpouring of support made me both happy and sad; happy that all of these people are coming out to do the exact same thing I started out to do... at the same time! Yet, at the same time, I was sad because it took such a painful thing to bring us all together like that. As we move through this adventure called life, there are times that teach us and times that pain us. People come into your life that will change you as a person. Last Saturday, a LOT of people came into my life.....HEROES...joining me to pay our respects to fellow riders...each and every person on the side of the road waving a flag! Every man, woman & child who came out to express their love for those fallen Brothers & Sisters....YOU are the Heroes! All of us want to be remembered .... My promise to you, My Heroes, no fallen rider shall ever be forgotten! Be safe out there, God Bless."

That was a pretty good THOUGHT you guys had there! Thank you!

   Other organizers of the event were: Brian DeSimone (who became their media liaison), Steve Allision and Mike Gasper.

Another event attendee, Shawn Parker, also posted after the event, a really poignant poem that I felt needed sharing:

  7 Angels

“And the tears poured down from above, washing all of us with the utmost love.

The lightning struck and thunder clapped, When taps was played my heart gasped.

The rain and tears rolled down my cheeks, all this brought about in just over a week.

Drenched to the bone when the bell struck 7, my brothers and sisters watched down from heaven.

Just for one day we were all marines, all honorary members of the "Jarheads" MC.

The emotions and love that I felt on this ride, as they were right by my side.

Supporters who lined highway and streets, these emotions I'm feeling right down to my feet.

Words aren't enough to convey how I'm feeling, any who ride and those who went understand, my head is still reeling.

I'm high as a kite without smoking or drinking, the families we mourn, just know what I'm thinking.

Thinking of you and the loved ones you lost, on our hearts all their names forever embossed.

From now on when I hear a rumble of thunder, or the pipes from a bike coming from under, my heart will remember why I rode on this day, forever the memories in my mind will they stay.

With love and respect I say "Simper Fi"  7 Angels in heaven look down from up high

With this I will end, my sisters & brothers, we bikers are family and always respect one another!"

Through tears of Love, Shawn.

  I have to add, that the ride got rained on but did not in any way dampen the spirits or the conviction of the over 3 thousand riders as to why they rode this day; most of them looked at it as "tears" from heaven. 

 New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, showed up at Gillette Stadium and donated $100,000.00 to the "Jarheads" fundraising efforts and said he would increase it that night if need be to ensure that the fundraiser would surpass $700,000.00 by the end of the day. That was in addition to his Gillette Stadium organization donating all the water and Gatorade and the venue for this event.

  I was in tears hearing about this horrific accident on the news, in tears as I read all the comments from everyone on the Facebook page, and again while I am writing this article. 

Many thanks to the contributing photographers for sharing their pictures on the event page, people like Derek Martin who is quoted as saying in his post: "Simply Speechless!! What an experience. God Bless the Fallen 7 and the literally thousands who restored my faith in humanity....I consider you ALL my brothers & sisters!"

Our hearts, Thoughts and Prayers go out to those who lost their lives that day, their surviving family and fellow riders and all those who rode to show their respects that day, as riders we are all part of the biker community/family, no matter where we live or what we ride.

Ride for the fallen 7 40Ed "Taz" Corr, Jo-Ann Corr, Michael "Fritz" Ferazzi, Albert "Woody" Mazza, Desma Oaks, Daniel "Danny Boy" Pereira, Aaron "Stitches" Perry

God Bless all of you!