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Day-Tripping & Taming The dragon with Karla Duncan Photos & Written By; Karla Duncan

Written by  August 1, 2019

We're on the road again, for a weekend trip, with great friends and family!  This time we took a trip on the bikes to Chattanooga, Tennessee where we visited the Tennessee Aquarium on Friday, July 5th.  There was so much to see there, including multiple types of fish (including piranha!), sharks, turtles, alligators, penguins and many more exciting things, but my favorites were the lemurs, the butterflies and the jellyfish.  We spent a lot of the afternoon there and afterwards, we had dinner at the Lakeshore Marina Grill, and the food was excellent! We ate on the water and watched the sun set.  You can't get much better than that!


1 5 6 We got up early Saturday morning, July 6th, and headed over to US 129 to ride the Dragon!  We rode from head to tail- 318 curves in 11 miles!  We started in Tennessee at the head and ended up in North Carolina at the tail. The ride was exhilarating, and it was just the perfect temperature for riding, as it had rained just prior to us setting out on the ride.  There were lots of beautiful trees, mountains and bodies of water along the way as well.9   Everything glistened as we leisurely rode along.  We stopped around the head of the Dragon into the US Dragon Harley Davidson to pick up our poker chip souvenir!  There were bikers there that were blessing the bikes and praying for all the bikers (at least the ones that would let them), for safe travels.

7 8 Along the way, there were all types and sizes of motorcycles and cars riding the Dragon with us. We stopped at a few places along the way for photos of the beautiful scenery and for couple and/or group photos. There were also a lot of photo opportunities along the ride, with 3 different companies, taking both action and casual professional photos of all the motorists as they rode by. 10 1112 Most of the ride was through Tennessee, but, in North Carolina, at the tail of the Dragon at Deal's Gap, we took more pictures and purchased t-shirts, patches and pins to document our trip and the taming of the Dragon!  There is a really cool resort there with lots of souvenir items to choose from. 

1314Afterwards, we rode further into North Carolina, to Cherokee, where we ate lunch at Granny's Restaurant.  They had a really good buffet lunch and the waitress we had was so sweet.  After lunch, we rode a short distance over into Maggie Valley, North Carolina. I really enjoyed seeing Cherokee and part of Maggie Valley as these were a couple of the places my parents, siblings and I would vacation when I was a little girl. We would often visit Santa's Land and Ghost Town in the Sky as I was growing up. 1516 17 Santa's Land is still open, but sadly, Ghost Town in the Sky is closed permanently.  It's such a shame because it was such a neat place, now it truly is a GHOST TOWN!

 18 19 20 21 22 23 We didn't stay too long in Maggie Valley, because we decided to ride over into Gatlinburg, Tennessee, to spend some time.   We traveled through the winding mountains, down into Gatlinburg, where we parked the bikes and walked the strip for a while.  One of our friends, Tammy, just had to get a couple of roasted turkey legs from one of the shops on the strip!   She saved one of them to gnaw on while on the trip home, lol!  I have the photos to prove it! J

24 25 25 We finally got back on the road and traveled through Pigeon Forge and back over to Chattanooga where we spent the night to get ready for our trip back home. 26 We got up bright and early Sunday morning, July 7th and headed back home.  

Soon it will be time to ride again...

I wonder where we'll end up next time?  Stay tuned......2728 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 2 3 4