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A Journey of Faith to Sturgis with the Faith Rider’s Of Alabama

Written by  August 30, 2019

  Roger and William, two members of the "Faith Rider's group, a faith based riding club based out of Cedar Grove Baptist Church in Leeds, Alabama, set out Saturday, on the morning of August the 2nd, 2019, for a journey across the country to Sturgis South Dakota for Sturgis bike week, to bring the word of God to the bikers attending the rally.


Also attending with Roger & William was Phillip and Chuck with the Enon Baptist Church in Clanton, Alabama, and Steve Hill with Hillcrest Baptist Church in Anniston, Alabama. There were 3 Faith Rider’s Chapters representing Alabama.

   The day started with a little mishap as one of them lost a new bed roll in Mississippi, but quickly noticing it they got turned around to back track to try and find it; it was a brand new sleeping bag, one that would be needed when they arrived and possibly along the way. Luck or should I say, Faith, was one their side as they were able to roll up on, right where it had landed, quickly retrieving it and setting back out on their journey.

  They will be tested all along the way of this journey. After the sleeping bag ordeal, just down the road apiece, they ran into rain, I mean heavy, big splat drops of blinding rain, so much so they couldn't see very well and took the first exit they came to. It didn't take but a minute to figure out that they had just changed the course of this trip and were now headed to Illinois; time to make a quick adjustment.

  Back on the road again until they rolled into Missouri where it wasn't the easiest thing to find a room, but finally, a place to rest for the night before hitting the road again. Too many close calls happening for them not to stop and rest before getting road weary, which is when "stuff" could happen.

  Sunday morning, they were rolling again and it would be an un-eventful trip to Iowa before stopping to spend the night one last time before their journey would reach its destination. The pair had decided to start making "pit-stops" about every 100 miles or so, to stop and stretch their legs, shake out the road cobwebs then journey safely on. They were told before leaving home, that there was flooding in Nebraska and Iowa from a big storm that had come through.

Our road warriors got into Rapid City, South Dakota on Monday to check into the Calvary Baptist Church, which would be home for the next week. The Faith Riders were set up in front of one of the local store fronts, and for 3 minutes of the bikers time to listen to a personal testimony of what God has done for that person, they could get a chance for a ticket for a new Harley, offered up from the South Dakota Baptist Association, (who are the ones to extend the invitation for the Faith Riders to come join them and help to give away this bike). They were able to set up right downtown, just blocks from the heart beat of the rally, a rally that started way back in 1938, originally as a place to hold stunts and races, but has evolved into a meet-up for motorcycle enthusiasts around the world.

Our warriors would be tested daily as they sought to share their messages with the passing riders, some would flip them off as they walked by, some were courteous enough just to simply say they weren't interested, then there was that ONE, who when he was approached as he went to walk by with his female companion, said he wasn't interested, but that one persistent warrior tried to push his luck just a bit more and said: "hey man, can I just have a minute of your time to talk to you?"  With that added remark the biker snapped around and said, "Do you know who you're talking too?" (I mean really, how would he, he wore no vest with patches or tags of any kind, and quite frankly, it didn't matter), he went on to say that he was a "higher up" (we'll just leave it at that!) with the "Frisco" Hell's Angels, to which our warrior replied, "cool, nice to meet you, my name is so-in -so with the Faith Riders out of Alabama. The biker seemed confused as to why someone would travel all that way just to spread the word of God, surely they must be getting something out of it, to which he was told, they were, but their riches would come from heaven. The guy’s girlfriend kept bumping her boobs up on one of the Faith Riders, and wanting to sit on the bike that they were giving away and take some pictures, finally her biker friend told her to leave them alone. He asked how much they wanted for a chance at that Harley they were giving away and was further confused when he was told that it only took a few minutes of his time, he said let me just make a donation, and was told it wasn't about the money, he said, well let me give you some money and you can put it in your pocket, and was told no thank you, that's not how we work. As he went to walk off for the second time, he was stopped and asked if they could pray for him, surprisingly enough, he agreed. They began to pray for him and his friends to have a safe journey etc, by the end of the prayer the guy had lowered his head, then as he went to walk away for the last time, HE stopped again and asked if they wouldn't mind praying for a friend of his, he lowered his head just as soon as the prayer started. So, it only goes to show you, you never know who, when or how just a few minutes of your time, and a few simple words could affect someone else's lives!

 The main street of Sturgis was filled on day 10 of the 79th annual motorcycle rally, but this years just completed rally saw an overall dip in attendance after a strong start on opening weekend. The final traffic count for the rally was down 1.2 percent from the 2018 rally, according to the state Department of Transportation. Overall, 499,654 vehicles entered Sturgis at nine different locations from August the 2nd to August the 11th, which compares to 505,969 over 10 days last year. The busiest day was Monday, Aug. 4th when 61,126 vehicles were counted coming into town

Capt. Jason Ketterling of the South Dakota Highway Patrol, said felony drug violations remain at nearly double the rate of 2018, with 90 arrests from Aug. 2 through Friday, compared with 56 last year. Misdemeanor drug arrests are also up for the period, with 172 compared to 138 last year. Impaired driving and DUI arrests are also up with 136 this year compared to 117 last year. Total citations were significantly higher with 1,028 compared to the 759 in 2018. Five people were injured, three seriously in four crashes reported by the Highway Patrol on Thursday and early Friday. There were 42 injury crashes for the week with one fatality.

A rally police officer from Sedona, Arizona, was back working Friday after crashing his patrol motorcycle during a pursuit early Thursday morning. He hopped on a motorcycle and completed a 12- hour shift; he' be a little sore, but is doing very well.

The trip home was uneventful for our road warriors, but it was a hard it and fast one as they had to cut their trip short due to the need to get back home to the loss of one of their own, David, who lost his battle with cancer; Prayers going up for God’s Peace to be with his family.

Sturgis also paid tribute to Gloria Tramontin Struck, the oldest, living and STILL riding woman and author of the book titled, “A Lifetime Motorcyclist”; 75 Years on Two Wheels and Still Riding! Awesome! She was recently honored at the National Motor Maids convention in Montgomery, Alabama as well, and we were honored with a copy of her book.

Steve, with the Anniston Faith Rider's said: "Our Faith Riders had a great week at Sturgis; they were able to share one on one presentations of the gospel with 2774 bikers and 224 surrendered their lives to Jesus! ….Can I get an Amen!!!!

Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, "Whom shall I send, And who will go for Us?" Then I said, "Here am I! Send me!"…. Isaiah 6.8

He sent the Faith Riders forth...... and they went!