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Ride For the Fallen 7 Foundation Thank State Agencies in New Hampshire : Written By: Brian DeSimone

Written by  January 31, 2020

  Representatives from the "Ride for the Fallen 7 Foundation" presented officials from the Department of Safety and the Department of Transportation with a custom- made, wooden United States flag, etched with the names of the Fallen 7. The flag will be displayed permanently in the Incident planning and operations Center; a state building that houses agencies from both the Department of Safety and the Department of Transportation.

  On January the 23rd, 2020, the Ride for the Fallen 7 Foundation president, Brian DeSimone, made the presentation to Department of Safety Commissioner Robert Quinn, Department of Transportation Commissioner Victoria Sheehan, Homeland Security and Emergency Management Director Jennifer Harper, NH State Police Colonel Christopher Wagner, DOT Director of Operations David Rodrigue, and other State Agency Officials at the Incident Planning and Operations Center, in Concord, NH.


  The presentation was made to the state agency leaders in gratitude for the collaborative effort in organizing the July 6th, 2019, "Ride For The Fallen 7", the event that tragically claimed the lives of 7 riders. 

"On January 23rd, I awoke in the morning extremely excited. This was not just another normal day for me, today I was going back to the Homeland and Security Building with my team of organizers and a survivor of the crash, Jarhead member, "Mighty Mouse", to show our appreciation to the hard working men and women of this great state I call home. When we were planning the first ride we found out, with 5 days to go, that we actually had no support from the state. This was a huge problem. When we reached out to them we were called down to the Homeland Security Building where we sat in a room with no less than 25 people. These people would go on from here to work day and night with helping us to plan the best route for both safety and visibility. Everyone was just amazing and I was truly honored to be working with them. Fast-forward to today, we went back there to see all the friendly faces and to present them with a beautiful hand-carved flag made by Steve Rita. We presented the flag at a nice ceremony. The flag will now be prominently displayed in the building as a reminder of the tragedy. I look forward to meeting with everyone to begin planning the 1st Anniversary ride planned for this year. We are so very Thankful to everyone there for their continued support" .....Brian DeSimone

Ed "Taz" Corr, Joanne Corr, Michael "Fritz" Ferazzi, Albert "Woody" Mazza, Desma Oaks, Daniel "Danny Boy" Pereira, Aaron "Stitches" Perry

This year’s ride is set for Saturday July the 11th, 2020, more information to follow.2020 ride for the fallen 7 flag presentation 12020 ride for the fallen 7 flag presentation 22020 ride for the fallen 7 flag presentation 32020 ride for the fallen 7 flag presentation 52020 ride for the fallen 7 flag presentation 62020 ride for the fallen 7 flag presentation 72020 ride for the fallen 7 flag presentation 8Ride for the fallen 7 40Ride for the fallen 7 41