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9th Annual Lyla Ride- With The Faith Rider's

Written by  May 1, 2021

On Saturday, April the 17th, 2021, the Faith Rider's and Cedar Grove Baptist Church hosted the 9th Annual Lyla Ride.


Lyla is the Grand Daughter of Brother Billy, who is the pastor at Cedar Grove Baptist Church. This ride began back when Lyla was just a year old and had a very rough start of her life due to medical issues that not only put stress on her and the family, it also put a financial stress on the as well, which is when the Faith Rider's stepped in to hold a ride to try and help the family out (coz that's what the biker family does, especially these Faith based bikers). Lyla went on to conquer that obstacle with flying colors and is now a healthy, thriving, happy, beautiful little 10 year old.

  After the first ride to help with expenses for the family, the ride has since gone on to put the monies raised to good use at The Ronald McDonald house, who was there for this family and SO many others at their time of need. 

  The ride would gather, as usual, at the Cedar Grove Baptist Church, where this year, Susan Mettetal & Jodi Edwards were busy setting up a little racecourse for the little ones, to occupy them while the ride was taking place.

  The ride was a "Marble Race", known as "Marble Evangelism" with colored marble's that held different meanings for each color and they were also worth different points. Each rider was given one of each of the colored marbles to take home along with a card explaining their meaning.

Black: Our sin separates us from God (All have sinned) ROMANS 3:23

Yellow: Heaven-our eternal home (Heaven is our home. God prepared a place for us) JOHN 14:1-3 (God's plan for us is to have abundant life now0 JER.:29:11

Blue: Baptism-= The first step of obedience and public witness for JESUS (Make disciples, baptize and teach all, JESUS died for you to be) MATTHEW: 28:19-20

Green: Growth in the LORD through; Love-The LORD and your neighbor. MATTHEW: 22:36-40.Study-Read the bible daily, 1Petter:2:2. Pray-Continually about anything, at anytime, anywhere. PHIL. Worship-Attend church regularly. HEB. 10:25. Evangelize- Tell the good news. MARK 16:15

Red: JESUS' blood paid the price for our sin. (God gave his son JESUS to pay for our sin) JOHN 3:16

White: Being Cleansed of our sin through JESUS' blood by confession and repentance. (Receive JESUS" righteousness by faith in him) ROMANS 3:26

  The first stop was at Calvary Baptist Church in Odenville, next up was Eden Westside Church, then on to the Veterans home in Pell City, where they would only do a drive by and wave (due to Covid), they normally stop in for a visit. After leaving the Veterans home, it was off to Riverside Baptist Church, then a pit stop-stop at Stemley Rd. Chevron, Coosa Valley Baptist Church, then returning to Cedar Grove Baptist Church to determine the winner of the Marble Run (who gathered the most points). The winner, Cary Hart, with 380 marble points, received $100.00; then turned around and donated it back to the cause.

  After all the riding was done then it was time to "PIG_OUT"  :-) anytime the Church ladies and the Faith Rider's get together to put on a spread, you can bet that it will be awesome! And NO-ONE walks away hungry!

  There were numerous donations made, monetary and gifts for door prizes. Folks like: Lowes, O'Reilly, Auto Zone, Truck Pros, Volvo, Kenworth, Burleson Towing Co., T R Truck Equipment, Triple R Metals, Tri County Heating & Cooling, Attaway Tree Svc., Ron's Truck Repair and Crawford’s Nursery, just to name a few.

  Lyla and her family were there for the ride and this year she became a biker, she got to do the ride with the escort of Ronnie Burleson (who also totes a little poodle around as a passenger). This was Lyla's first experience with getting to ride a motorcycle, judging from the smile on her face, I'd say she loved it.

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