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Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama

Written by  May 1, 2021

The 2021 Season of racing for anything, has taken on a different look AGAIN this year, due to Covid, but at least there are some races taking place, which is a good thing because people are still yearning for some normalcy.

Indy racing rolled into Alabama on April the 16th, 2021, to start the race season off; what better place than the coolest world famous track at the Barber Motorsports Park.


This year however, there were SO many restrictions, there were limited tickets sold, they were going by the Covid guidelines, which also meant that there were more restrictions in place for those covering the event. The photographers meeting took place days before and by "Zoom" (The meeting place NOT the people who also handle the racing events at Barber), then the "Go & No Go" shooting spots changed.... to practically none. No on the track shooting, no in the pits shooting :-(  ...What else is there??? With that said:

           We would like to thank INDY for the photos used for this article!

Another difference to this years racing was the addition of a new driver, Jimmie Johnson, from NASCAR. Jimmie thought to try his hand at Indy and it seems he enjoyed it. He said it exceeded his expectations and that he learned a lot from this weekend and was looking forward to next week. After avoiding a crash in the first lap and recovering from a spinout, Jimmie went on to finish a respectable 19th.

After 90 laps, Alex Palou crossed the finish line first, holding off Will Power & Scott Dixon, who claimed the 3rd & 4th slot on the winner’s podium. Alex is only the 2nd Spaniard to win an Indy Race. JGS 2021 BARBER 21130 1 JGS 2021 BARBER 21937 2 JGS 2021 BARBER 22671 3 JGS 2021 BARBER 23013 4 JGS 2021 BARBER 23309 5 JGS 2021 BARBER 23423 6 JGS 2021 BARBER 23594 7 JGS 2021 BARBER 24363 8 JGS 2021 BARBER 25224 9 JGS 2021 BARBER 29800 1 Alex 10 JGS 2021 BARBER 30147 11 JGS 2021 BARBER Alex winner 12 JGS 2021 BARBER Will Power 13 KZ67144 2400 14 KZ67760 2400 Alex Paiou winner 15 KZ67974 2400 16 KZ87490 2400 Will Power17 KZ87978 2400 1816C 0060 1916C 3100 EDIT Jimmie Johnson 2016C 5094 EDIT 2116C 5129 22 JGS 2021 BARBER 27298 2716C 2135 116C 6386 3116C 6321 3016C 6339 1 Will Power Alex Paiou Scott Dixo 32DSC08468 26 JGS 2021 BARBER Alex Paiou winner 28